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Readers’ 70% off Easter Clearance Finds

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Here are some photos of 70% off Easter clearance deals from our readers.  Don’t forget to check out our other posts, Target Easter Clearance Deals for 2018 and Magnolia Hearth & Hand Target Easter Clearance which include lots of photos of items you may want to check out when you go to your store.

Brianna picked up some cute bowls and glass jars she plans on using to reorganize her pantry.

Nickie scored this marble wooden cutting board, it was priced at only $5.99.

Check out all of the cute items Lauren found at her store.

Here is a look at Kristine’s Easter clearance haul.

Abby’s store had a ton of Easter clearance left including baskets, decor and more!

We can’t thanks you enough for sharing all of your Easter clearance deals with us! Please keep those pictures coming!  You can share your photos any of the following ways:

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  1. I went to 5 Target stores in NY and NJ and all of them were only 50% and they only had Easter baskets and chocolate easter candy. One worker said they only put out the “seasonal” Easter items such as baskets, grass, Peeps, etc. for the customers to buy in the actual stores and they sell the non-seasonal items a part of the Clearance to other places for “repurposing”. I asked another worker at another Target in Jersey City if it’s true and she responded with “If the non-seasonal clearance such as toys don’t sell with in the first hour, the stores take advantage of it and send it off to “other places” but the rule varies per state. Is this true?

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