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Reader’s Target Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

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Wow!  We have a ton of clearance photos to share with you today, check out all of the awesome deals our readers have been finding!

target read clear asami 1

Asami had an amazing shopping trip and found a cute storage unit 70% off, it was only $17.98.

target read clear asami 3

Asami also found this sliding door organizer which was just $11.98.

target read new clear bridget. 1

Bridget also spotted some fantastic deals including a floor lamp down to $18, a wall shelf for $4.50, rolling cart for $11.98 and a nice big rug on clearance.

target read new clear bridget

I LOVE the adorable Paris sign Bridget picked up, my husband and I spent our honeymoon in Paris so anything that says Paris makes me smile!

target read clear new hong

Here are all of these super items Hong found at 70% off, backpacks and a couple of 3-tier rolling carts.

target read clear new tracey bedding

Check out all of the bedding items Tracey grabbed at her Target store in Kapolei, Hawaii, all of these were 70% off, here is the break down:

  • 5-piece comforter set $14.38
  • reversible comforters $7.18
  • microfiber sheet sets $5.38

target read clear hershey

Asami got a sweet deal on this Hershey’s Ice cream maker, it was priced at $11.98 which was 70% off.

target read clear new asami

Asami found another Hershey’s ice cream/frozen yogurt maker 70% off, this was only $14.98.

target read clear nicky

Check out these super 70% off clearance finds Nicky picked up at her Target store:

  • $2.08 Storage Bins
  • $2.08 Garbage Can
  • $2.68 Cloth Bin
  • $3.88 Wall Decals

target read clear new larissa up 70

These UP Jawbone activity bands were 70% off and priced priced at only $31, Larissa used a 10% off Cartwheel which made her final price $28 each!

target read clear new larissa cw shoe

Larissa got a great variety of clearance items, she even used a Cartwheel offer on the shoes to save even more.

target read clear asami 6

Asami came across this Threshold Floor lamp which was marked down to 70% off!

target read clear new rebbecca

Rebbecca was thrilled to pick up this super cute Frozen bedding set for only $20!

target read clear new claudia

Claudia had a great shopping trip, she used a 30% off Cartwheel offer (expires 10/3) on the shoes, and she also got some kitchen items on clearance.

target read clear books 50

Here is my clearance find, my store had tons of children’s activity books 50% off.  I picked up a few for my girls for the long plane ride we will take in January!

We love looking at all of the super clearance deals you have been finding lately, please continue to share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. I am desperately needing a Threshold Hooked Floral Bell Runner, Indoor/Outdoor rug. Did anyone happen to have one who would be willing to part with it? I am heartbroken right now because I was planning to use it as a runner on my stairs, buying one each time I could afford them, and I’m now one short. They went fast on clearance yesterday and today! Thank you!

    1. Did you ever find another runner? I am desperate to find one too and that’s how I came upon this site. If you ever want to sell yours and get a new pattern let me know because I only need one.


  2. I love my Threshold Floor Lamp. I found one at 50% off last week and scooped it up. Not sure it would’ve lasted to 70%, but that’s an awesome find for Asami. I would love to find the storage units.

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