My Target 90% off Christmas Clearance Finds (Spent $23, Saved $207)

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I went to the Issaquah Target bright and early this morning and am just now getting the chance to post my 90% off deals.   It’s been a lot of fun hearing about your great deals and seeing some of your photos (although, I will admit I am a little jealous about some of the great deals you all have found).   I ended up spending $23.14 and saved $207.72.     I love, love, love 90% off clearance at Target.

  • Phillips Lighted Garland $2.50 (reg $25.00)
  • Snowman Lawn Stake with lights $2.19 (reg $21.99)
  • Colored Lights $ .29 (reg $2.99)
  • Penguin 3-pack Ornaments $ .80 (reg $8.00)

  • (5) Rolls Christmas Wrap 90 sq ft. $ .25 (reg $2.50)
  • 4-Pack Christmas Wrap 150 sq ft. $ .60 (reg $6.00)
  • Big Box bows & ribbon $1.50 (reg $15.00)
  • Fancy Gift Tags $ .50 (reg $5.00)
  • (12) Gift Bags $ .10 (reg $1.00) – I plan on using the green with polka dots for everyday
  • (5) Christmas gift bags $ .05 (reg $ .50)

  • Kleenex $ .29 (reg $2.99)
  • Salt & Pepper Shaker $ .99 (reg $9.99) ~ needed these, we have family over & I need an extra set for the extra table
  • Cell Phone Charger $ .49 (reg $4.99)
  • Pink Ribbon $ .30 (reg $3.00)
  • (2) Bath Poufs $ .09 (reg $ .99)
  • Christmas Cards $1.50 (reg $15.00)
  • Christmas Cards $ .25 (reg $2.50)

  • Earmuffs $1.20 (reg $12.00)
  • Pink Sparkle Belt $ .79 (reg $7.99)
  • (2) Hershey Kisses $ .34 after coupon (reg $2.99)
  • (2) M&M $ .14 after coupon (reg $2.99)

Most of these items were found at different places in the store, they were not in the Christmas section:

  • (10) Hefty Snowman Cups $ .29 (reg $2.99) ~ I will be using these for family get togethers all year long (even during the summer)
  • Chinet Crystal Cut cups $ .29 (reg $2.00)
  • (2) Red Plasticware $ .30 (reg $3.00)
  • (4) Party Plates $ .22 (reg $2.25)
  • (2) Party Nakpins $ .22 (reg $2.25)

I went in hoping to find wrapping paper, tissue and bags (which I did!).  I am happy about the salt & pepper shaker and all the Hefty cups, and the chocolate – you can’t go wrong with chocolate.   Plus, I think that snowman stake is just plain cute, I was going to give it to my Mom, but I think I may keep it for myself.    I’d love to hear what your favorite find was?

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  1. WOW your store had some great stuff. No one here waits for 70% or 90% so its slim pickings. But I did get a nice glass decanter for 1.99, headbands for my daughter for .50, a bunch of sprinkles and napkins for under .30 each and some super cute owl salt n pepper shakers for .89

  2. wow! My target had the wrapping paper with celebrities faces on them and random glitter objects that deposit glitter all over the place.

    1. LOL same stuff at our store in Lacey, Wa, Caren – nothing worth going to look at for 90% off. At 70% nothing was left, and what was left was really expensive still!

      1. Target in Clifton NJ has tons of girls belts, women’s slippers, women’s pj flannel shorts, girls coins purses

  3. My sister and I found solo plates and hefty cups on the regular plate and isle mixed in with the regular priced items. Both are free with coupons. We also found Christmas themed fruit snacks and granola bar packs for 19 cents each and arm and hammer spin brushes for 69 cents which with 1/1 were free.

    1. I love when you find items mixed in the regular stuff, it’s like a treasure hunt. Great finds! I didn’t even think about the fruit snacks or granola bars.

  4. My store had tons (like 30+) of kids colgate winter watermelon toothpaste for only $.29 a bottle:) Reg. 2.99! They weren’t marked and were on an end cap with no other clearance. I just noticed the holiday themed bottles.

  5. We found those too missed with the regular toothpaste. There was not much on the seasonal isle it was mostly all just on the regular shelves we just price scanned everything that looked remotely christmasy

  6. Lucky! The Target in Yakima doesn’t have any Christmas left! I guess they have a different mark down schedule.

  7. I found a ton of Nordicware stuff that wasn’t marked but rang up 90% off. It was in red and green packaging.

  8. Oh and snowman and Santa night lights that’s are awesome. Not marked either. I found them with the shampoo on the ends. I should have bought all they had. They were $1.

  9. I hurried into my Target (Layton, UT) today to pick up a prescription. I was trying to hussle along and the signs still said 70% off so I didn’t close enough to look. No I wish I had! It might of been 90% off and I just didn’t see it. Boo!

  10. I was able to get (4) ipad 3 cases for $2.99 each. I was really hoping for wrapping paper but I really can’t complain!

  11. My Florida store had a good number of the coloud headphones and ear buds (2.49, 1.49). I also made a friend with an employee who was looking at the girls glittery clearance stuff (headbands etc.). I gave her a few of the tonka chuck car stocking stuffers (had tons in the toy section for .39) and she told me the women’s pj with the sliver gray tag (xhilaraion) were not marked but were ringing up 90%- I was able to get 4 sets of pjs at $2.49 each. Also found the Rachel Ray bubble and brown stoneware sets in orange-2 in a box for $4.99 (regular $49.99) in the reg. cookware isle—it was a good day to shop! Don’t forget to check in the go-back shopping carts near the customer service (if you are able to) I found disney and dora packs of 7 scented gel soaps for .49–going to pair them up with the socks, puffs, and headbands for birthday gifts…

    1. Odd question: I got several Tonka Chuck and Friends cars at 90%, but I’m wondering if the wheels turn… Do they? The boys I bought them for don’t have the track that the cars are supposed to go on. Can they still play with them like regular cars?

  12. In Jersey Today I bought lots of goody and hidden items that might not look like Christmas items. Slippers with silver tags $1.29, Rolled pjs flannel shorts $1, iPad covers 2.99, iPhone5 covers 1.49, Oreo holiday cookies .29, certain Christmas woman pj with silver tags 1.79, holiday kids shirt .99 ex hellokitty toy story Charliebrown Dora princess, men’s holiday boxers character and silver wrapping .59-.89, vanity fair and dixes holiday plates .29, gift tissue.19-.30, decor pillows 1.49, sausages .59, scotch tape .20, market pantry holiday fruit snacks .19, and much more

  13. I got 3pack Scotch gift wrap tape in the regular section. 3 rolls for $0.30! Can’t beat that. Make sure you look for the pack that says ‘33% bonus’ on the box. Single rolls were ringing up @ $0.20 each but the 3pack were a better deal! Love finding hidden bargains!

  14. Right place, right time for me. Milwaukee, with store had most of the gift items still boxed up in the back. I was able to get candy dispenser for $1.99, coffee mugs for 0.49, cooler chairs for $1.99, and much more. Thanks for the updates. I doesn’t hurt to check and see if there is more stuff in back. I’m surprised they waited so long to put it out.

  15. MY target went 90 this mourning. I was lucky I went this mourning because I think the majority of the pj’s in the mens section got pulled to go to salvage. I heard the girls talking that certain things were going to be salvaged. I was able to grab one set and some pj bottoms. I got boxer shorts, 2 earbuds set found buried under stuff on the tree display things. I got wrapping paper for 50 cents but it was only 25 square ft. I usually buy my gift wrap at Wag. It usually goes on sale before Christmas and they have a nice selection. I got my baby a pack of blanket sleepers they were 1.36 cents. I got a oderment set, gift bags, tissue paper, bath sponges,lip gloss,bath gel and nail polish. I also got metallic pencils, 2 ink pens and some ribbon, 2 trays of cookies and
    Mini cupcakes I spent around 42 dollars and saved 408 dollars. I know I had bought stuff yesterday from Christmas and was trying to see if the would adjust the price. They said no I then ask if I could return the stuff and rebuy it the said no I couldn’t rebuy it.
    set tray of mini cupcakes.I spent around 42 dollars it said I saved over 408 dollars. I know

  16. would you be willing to sell me the pink penguin ornament? if you still have it a year later…. ours broke yesterday and my six year old is quite sad.

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