Target: 50% off Home Decor in the “Home Decor Transition Aisle”

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Let me introduce to you what I like to call the Target “Home Decor Transition Aisle”.   This is the last full aisle in the home decor section.   At my store it’s the last aisle, directly across from the food department.   This aisle always seems to carry home decor items that are only around for a short while.

For instance, it will have Christmas home decor items or the college room decor items.   In between these planned events they usually bring in some home decor items for a short period, and then clearance them out fairly quickly.   Which brings me to my point, the home decor items in this aisle are now 50% of!!!   They are clearing them out to bring in the Christmas items.

Here are some photos of the home decor goodness you can score at 50% off:

Please keep in mind that clearance will vary by location, so you store may only have them marked down to 30% off. If so, keep an eye on them, because I am sure the 50% off markdown will be coming soon.

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