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Target Toy Clearance: Finally Some LEGO’s!!

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For some reason the LEGO’s always seem to be marked down later than the rest of the toys, but the good news for you LEGO fans is that there will be some LEGO’s on clearance this time around.   Here are the deals I spotted at my store in Kent, WA.    The LEGO’s usually start out around 15% off and then go down from there. These clearance deals are part of the big toy clearance that happens in July. A large portion of the clearance toys will get marked down to 70% off towards the end of July.

Target toy clearance Lego

Target LEGO Clearance

target lego clearance july



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  1. My Target in Marquette, Mi had the light pegs (like Legos, and light up) at 50% off this past weekend.

  2. I noticed LEGOs on sale at a Target in Pittsburgh while I was visiting family t
    Last weekend, but I was disappointed to see that they haven’t been marked down at my Target in Columbus, OH, yet.

  3. Set 60014, Coast guard patrol boat was on clearance at the Target on the west side of Cleveland for $55. Had to be a mismarked item because this is a brand new set. Still a bunch left.

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