Blake’s All Natural Frozen Meals at Target

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If your family is busy like ours, you occasionally want easy to cook meals that are not only quick, but delicious and made with quality ingredients.  Blake’s All Natural Foods makes frozen meals that don’t have any added preservatives or anything artificial.   You can feel great about feeding your family these meals and you can find them in the freezer section at select Target stores.   So, next time to head to Target pick up a couple to keep in your freezer for those busy nights.

Blake’s frozen meals have been made from scratch using only the finest all natural and organic ingredients.  Made from scratch means that actual people prepare each meal in small batches, they cook the chicken themselves, they mash real, whole potatoes (never potato flakes or instant potatoes).  They also use the actual stock from their chicken-cooking process.

Blake’s All Natural meals are something I can feel good about feeding my family.   This time of year when things are busy and hectic there are some nights where we need quick and easy meals.   I love the fact that with Blake’s All Natural meals we can have a convenient dinner on the table without sacrificing taste or quality.  I found the following Blake’s meals at my local Target Store:

  • Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie (regular & gluten-free)
  • Blake’s Shepard’s Pie
  • Blake’s Mac & Cheese

The Chicken Pot Pie even comes in a gluten-free version.    I have a family member that is gluten-free and they were thrilled to find out they could actually eat Chicken Pot Pie again.

When cooking the meals you can bake them in the oven or use the quick and convenient microwave option.   Fast microwave meals have saved us on many occasions when we’ve had to run out the door for swim practice, play practice or even a Christmas party.

I love how crispy and flaky the crust is on the Pot Pie.   Interestingly, Blake’s Pot Pies only have crust on the top, which means they can fill  the pie with more chicken, veggies and gravy.   The single crust creates the perfect balance of crust and filling.

The Pot Pie really is filled with homemade flavor.  This is quick comfort food at it’s best.

Blake’s Shepard Pie is made with antibiotic-free, hormone-free ground beef and organic corn.  It’s then topped with with freshly made mashed potatoes.

The Mac & Cheese is delicious.  I love how the bread crumbs on the Mac & Cheese stayed nice and crunchy.   My youngest is the Mac & Cheese lover at our house and he gobbled this up.   You will find a Blake’s All Natural meal to please everyone in the family.

Check the frozen food section at your Target store for the Blake’s All Natural frozen meals.  You can use Blake’s store locator to find a Target near you that carries the Blake’s All Natural meals.  You will love the convenience and quality.

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