Huge Hearth & Hand Clearance

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Update! – These items are now 50% off (as of October 31)

There is a TON of Hearth and Hand on clearance right now!  They need to make room for their cute new holiday collection that will arrive November 3rd (you may already see some of the items in stores).   

My Target is once again doing something strange where they are NOT adding yellow clearance stickers to the items.  Check out the sign above, it says “markdown prices for all clearance items will be taken at the register”.  This makes it a little tricky to find all the clearance deals, but the good news is most of us clearance stalking Target shoppers will know exactly what to look for when it hits 70% off.  That’s just me trying to look on the bright side of things, not the annoying side where you have to walk over to the scanner to check ALL. THE. PRICES.

I’d love to hear if your store is doing something similar too, or if it’s just my store being crazy again.  They did do a fairly decent job of putting all the clearance items together.  They didn’t get them all though, I noticed lots of kids items that were on clearance but not anywhere near a clearance sign.

So, here is a peek at a bunch of items on clearance so you will know what to look for in case your store isn’t adding yellow clearance stickers too.

Another weird thing worth pointing out, notice that the clearance prices end in “9” and not “8”.  I’m not sure what’s up with that, it could possibly mean that this markdown is similar to a holiday markdown and it might go to 90% off.   A girl can dream, right?  I’ll be sure to keep an eye on things and keep you updated.

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  1. I am wondering if anyone else has a Target that changed the store scanners or if it’s just my central Indiana one. For maybe months now (maybe since last Christmas) hardly anything scans as on sale for the store scanners customers can use. Even things that obviously are 50/70/90% off post holiday. I used to scan everything just to check and make sure it was indeed part of the sale but now I don’t know until I check out at a register. Add in the fact that for the past year the timing on how they decide to reduce post holiday clearance items has bounced all over the place and is different for different lines and it’s beyond frustrating. So frustrating I find myself no longer buying things after holidays now. And this used to be my favorite time shop.

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