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My Target 90% off Shopping Trip!!!

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I got back from hitting up the Target 90% off Christmas clearance and I am positively giddy about the deals I scored!     I will share close-up photos of all the things I bought and include the prices too.      I really wold love to see photos of your trips too, so please do any of the following:

90 off beauty

  • Faith Hill Perfume $.99
  • Make-up bags $.49
  • e.l.f nail polish $.49
  • e.l.f. lip $.39
  • Chapstick tin $.49
  • Goody Pony tail holders $.19
  • Mirror Compact $.29

90 off garden

I was totally surprised to find these in the Christmas section and they rang up at 90% off. So excited!!

  • Garden gloves $2.29
  • Plant Stakes $1.29

90 off plates

We often host get togethers at our house and now I am set for plates. Each one of these items was only $.29.

90 off office

I scored in the office aisle, all of these were put back in the normal tape/scissors aisle.

  • Tape dispenser $.79
  • Tape refills $.79
  • Scissors $.50
  • Washi Tape $.29

90 off kitchen

Pie tins $.49
Cake stand $.79
Apron $1.29
Salt & pepper shakers $.49

90 off soap

  • Watkins Soap $.79
  • Ziploc Containers $.29

90 off misc

  • Bows $.10
  • Tool Set $1.00
  • Mickey Mouse Cards $.50
  • Ribbon $.50

90 off target scensors

Jackpot!!!    We made up a game that we play with these sensors and ours died.    My kids got so excited when I walked in the door with these.    All of these were only $.49 each.

90 off decor

  • Ornaments $1.50
  • Star $1.20
  • Joy Rug $1.50
  • Christmas Sign $.80
  • Christmas blocks $2.00

90 off wrap

I bought 3 rolls of wrapping paper I can use for everyday and 3 rolls for next year.   These were all $.50 each.

90 off trees

I was lucky and I found a store that still had Christmas trees left.   I picked up one for me and one for a friend.

  • Lit Tree $18.70
  • Un-lit tree $13.40

I had so much fun shopping, I ended up going to 3 stores and I got a few items at each store. For you local folks,  I hit up Renton, Factoria and Issaquah.  Issaquah was the only store that had trees left.    I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did today.    I will try to share photos of your shopping trips later tonight too.

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  1. love it! well done! i was most giddy about the 50 cent scissors! need to try the target near me next. only hit one today – i’m slacking 🙂

  2. I got 2 sets of lights and a bigillion ornaments at the Lake Stevens, WA store! Woohoo! They have some of the ELF stuff left and a bunch of Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animals. Fun fun!

  3. Got so much today!! EOS lip gloss 29cents, hand soap 79cents, tons of ornaments 30cents, curling irons $2.49, hair brushes 50cents, Jingle and Bell interactive dogs $3.49 each! Elf on the Shelf skirts and football jersey…so many items thanks to your posts!! THANKS!!

    1. what section did you find the Jingle & Bell dogs? I was hoping to find those, but I didn’t see them. But I realized I didn’t look in the book section very well, so I may have to do one more trip to see if I can find them, if that’s where they are

    1. I found them in the end caps of men’s shave items aisle . So just look around to find the treasures hidden .

  4. My colone came up as item not found when I price scanned it but when the cashier rang them up she had no issues. They were .99 each.

  5. I found a large wreath ($3.50), cat toys ($.99 for a pack of two), 18 feet of lit garland ($1.40) and tissue paper ($.30). No trees at my target :(. Thanks for the heads up of 90%; the signs still said 70%.

  6. Had so much fun today. Thank you for all the tips. Found lots of holiday bags and wrapping, bought tons of tape and washi tape. My big find was the Starbucks drink all through January coffee mug for $7.50 for my husband. He’s feeling a little better about my shopping today. 😉

  7. All the H&B gift sets were still 30% at my stores in the Kansas City area. 🙁 Still happened upon lots of goodies, though was surprised how few gift bags were available. Still a lot of fun finds to store away for next year!!

  8. Thanks for the heads up about the Spy Gear – it wasn’t marked in San Marcos Tx but rang up .49! Woo Hoo!!!

  9. my favorie find was a beautiful snow globe for $1.49 and ceramic snowman measuring cups fir less then $2..lots of other great stuff

  10. Thankss for your post! I hit up three stores and were able to find some of the hidden clearance. Found lots of stocking stuffers for under a dollar like lip smackers and hello kitty cosmetics. It’s good idea to look in regular aisles n to look around at the price scanners cuz people leave some good goodies there

  11. Oh my! There I was feeling really happy and smug about my clearance finds but after looking at your haul not so much 😉 you did really good. I wish I could find some of those makeup bags. Where we they? Love that cute baby pink polka dot one on the 1st picture, so cute. Totally digging the ponytail holders. But thanks to you and your wonderful readers I found tons of stuff, Burt bee lip balms .29, jingle dog 3.49, hair curler 2.99, pie pan 1.0, cookie sheet 1.20, Watkins hand soap .79, Disney stockings 1.30, washi tape, ribbons, scotch tape, paper products for .29 cents, cookie cutters, cookie icing set, ladies gloves, stocking holder (the nice train set), holiday projection night light, Dora wrapping paper and another neutral roll… Guess that is about it! Thank you for your posts about clearance and the hidden deals.

    1. Not right away, they’ll have to put it on the shelves first, which could be later in the day. That’s why it’s a good idea to check a couple of times and first thing in the morning.

  12. They put out a whole cart of new stuff today, mostly ribbon and bags. Some of it was even still in the bulk packaging. I just barely missed the NFL blankets, apparently, though.

  13. When i got there this morning (around 10ish am), the staff were unboxing some more holiday stuff to put on the clearance rack! Why they wait til now, was my question??? Anyways, I got tons and tons of plastic containers of all sizes. I even got plates ($0.29), wine gift box (1.20), muffins gift box ($0.29), disney paper bags ($0.20) and elf on the shelf ($1+) even memory foam slippers ($0.99!). My husband and I filled two shopping carts. We racked up a $40+ bill but saved over $350! When we left, the staff were still unboxing!

  14. Holy batman! Thank you sooo much for the pics and posts! I went by today and saved $410 after only spending $72. I found some Christmas shirts in the regular girls’ graphic tees for $.99! Snatched some up for next year. Yay for bargains!

  15. Thanks to all the pictures I spent $10 and saved $85.80!!! I found a garden set (weeder and rake) for $2.29 (originally $29.99) and a Hello Kitty change purse for $0.49! I also found several small toys (originally $5.00 each) for $0.50- Princess Sophia mini drawing board, Spider-Man voice recorder, Avengers camera, Princess camera, Minnie Mouse camera. They were in the toy section where they have various smaller toys for $2, $3, $4 and $5. The first ones I rang up were original price, but when I looked for the ones that looked a little more “worn” they rang up $0.50! Absolutely no difference in packaging- just picked through a bit. Also found Strawberry Shortcake nail polish sets for $0.49- they were in the Christmas clearance section.

  16. Any idea how long the Christmas stuff will be in the store? It went 90% yestderday ( Saturday) In Chicago. Weather is awful here but I’d like to go one more time.

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