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Target: Halloween Clearance Possibly 90% off!!

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I have heard from several readers that the Halloween clearance has gone to 90% off at their stores. Keep in mind that clearance prices vary, so your store may still be at 70% off. I am guessing if they don’t go 90% off today there is a really good chance it will happen tomorrow.

If you don’t see 90% off signs at your store, I would grab and items and scan it just to be sure.   The food and candy items won’t go to 90% off, it sounds like it is staying at 50% off at most stores.    Not sure if we will see the food go to 70% off, but I hope so!

We all would love to see photos of what you find, so post them directly onto the All Things Target Facebook page or email them to [email protected] and I will post there here on the blog.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Halloween Food was 50% off and all other Halloween 70% off in Nashua, NH, yesterday. Hopefully, 90% really soon!

  2. 50% off candy and 90% off everything else (though some things were still marked 50%, they rang up at 90%) here in upstate NY

  3. 2 Targets in the Houston area that I have been to yesterday and today had all Halloween decorations marked at 90% off. I scored some awesome deals on decorations and costumes for my son. I spent $1-$2 a costume. They were originally $20+!

  4. I got a cute lion costume for $4 and the clearance on creamer with coupons and cartwheel made it free. Yum Pumpkin Spice creamer for free rocks! They also had the natural creamer which was cinnamon spice on clearance and the coupons were awesome on top. Both International Delight and Coffeemate have great coupons on their Facebook sites that match up ones on Targets and cartwheel.

  5. yesterday, i overheard a target manager wondering why the food hasn’t pushed through to 70% off yet on the system so i think by today it should be 70% off

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