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Readers Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

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Wow! The clearance has really picked up at Target. We have even more great photos of readers clearance finds and shopping trips.  Please continue to share with us!

target new read clear heather

Heather hit the jack pot with all this youth camping gear she found at 70% off which included a tent and some air beds.  NICE!

target new read clear monica furn 2

Monica scored this really nice Threshold accent table for 70% off.

target new read clear amanda 70 748

I absolutely love this cute Frozen Olaf snow cone maker Amanda picked up at 70% off.

target new read clear cristheta

Cristheta was thrilled to find Threshold Organic sheets marked down to 70% off.  She found a queen set priced around $13 and a king set for only $14.

target read clear linda 70

Linda spotted some super deals on 3-piece bedding sets, these were marked down to 70% off!

target read clear new luI Sol

Lul Sol was super happy to find king size Filedcrest sheets 70% off.  Plus, she used a 15% off Cartwheel offer which dropped her total down even more.

target new read clear nicky 70

These adorable Doc McStuffins shoes were priced at only $6.88 (reg $22.99) at Nicky’s store.

target new read clear nicky backpack

Nicky was on a roll and added this Hello Kitty backpack to her haul, it was $3.88 (70% off).

target clear PicMonkey Collage

Kristi scooped up men’s and boys polos and tees 70% off.  Great find for Father’s day!

target read clear new kristi 2

These really cute Cherokee tanks were 70% at Krisit’s store.

target read clear new PicMonkey Collage

Loreen spotted All and Dreft laundry detergent 50% off.

target read clear new lisa frozen 30

I am super jealous of these awesome Frozen storage bins Lisa picked up at 30% off.  These would come in handy in my house with 2 girls and tons of small toys!

target read clear new loreen

Loreen found Vanity Fair napkins priced at only $1.58 (reg $3.19).  That’s 50% off.

We really love seeing what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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