Giveaway: $25 Target Gift Card (2 Winners)

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We reached 25,000 Facebook Fans on the All Things Target Facebook page, and to celebrate we are giving away (2) $25 Target gift cards! Β  Β Thanks to all of you for making the All Things Facebook page such a fun place to hang our and share our Target clearance deals and finds.

How to enter: Just leave a comment on this post letting me know one of the items you recently bought at Target

Giveaway will close on Monday, October 6th at 9 am PST.

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  1. I recently bought two Halloween costumes at 50% off and two accessories at 20% off with the Cartwheel deal that I learned about here! Thanks for the contest!

  2. Tonight we bought bike helmets for my family to go along with the new bike I received for my birthday! (Also purchased at Target, of course!)

  3. Today I bought a TON of the harajuku mini line for my two girls! It went on clearance today! πŸ˜‰ Lol

  4. I just recently scored tons of art supplies that I needed for sketching with the 70% off on all the school supplies. πŸ™‚

  5. Yard sprinklers ($3.48) and slip and slides (1.50). Time to stock up for preschool birthday party invites! Yikes!

  6. I bought 600 composition notebooks, 400 pocket folders, 70 binders and other items to donate to the children in Fort Worth who can’t afford school supplies.

  7. I just recently bought the deal with 2 of the Schick Hydro Silk women’s razors. Love those razors and it was a great deal!!

  8. I bought 18 5 star note books that were all free and 5 worth of coupons in each and now I will use those coupons to get 18 free boxes of puffs Kleenex

  9. I bought a twin xl fleece blanket that was on clearance but was taken off clearance for some reason so the customer service lady gave it to me for the clearance price πŸ™‚

  10. I stocked up on 7th generation dish soap for cheap-cheap by stacking the coupons you mentioned. With a lil one in the house, I am constantly washing bottles, binkies, chewies, etc.!

  11. I recently found Katie Daisy’s Rise and Shine artwork on clearance for $8.98! I think it may have been my most exciting find at Target so far!

  12. I just went in today for 6 things and came out with $152 worth of stuff. Lol. Juice boxes, food, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

  13. I bought two cans of edge shaving cream using a coupon you linked on here a few weeks ago. It was buy one, get one FREE. Target had marked it down to $2.44/each and the coupon was for $3.50. My husband and I could not believe the savings. We are new to this coupon stuff. πŸ™‚

  14. My best trip was about a couple of weeks ago. I stocked up with Cartwheel, and store and manufacturer coupons. I saved about 80 dollars. I bought my son 2 pairs of pants for school for 15.00 total and I bought 6 canisters of Lysol wipes, 3 target soaps, disinfecting hand wipes, and enough pasta and sauce to feed us once a week/2 months! Plus Kleenex 4 pks were on the clearance end caps…that was one awesome trip!

  15. I bought 4 of the Snicker’s ice cream bars for $1.00 each! I’m so glad I held on to those coupons!

  16. Today I bought flashlights from the dollar spot, a new night light (dump truck)for my son’s room, cereal, I could go on and on!!!

  17. The last things I bought at target were a couple of maternity shirts–a little early; I’m only 14 weeks but they were on clearance, I had a mobile coupon, and I know one day I’ll just wake up and nothing will fit anymore!!!

  18. I bought diapers! This page has helped me save so much money, really helps a family out. πŸ™‚

  19. Um what didn’t I buy. But the best deal besides the cartwheel 50% off costumes was a set of crib bumpers for $25. They were an online item returned to the store, normally priced at $75. Score!
    Ps, thanks for the blog. You have saved me so much $$$ since I started following you….we all owe YOU a gift card πŸ˜‰

  20. I used the cartwheel deal posted on this website to score my kid’s Halloween costumes at 50% off!

  21. My first “All Things Target” purchase was about a week ago! I bought make-up, workout clothes, and a game for a birthday party. Using tips from the blog, my apps, my coupons, and the weekly sales I saved over $10 in one trip and on all items I needed! Every penny saved helps! Thank you πŸ™‚

  22. Cereal, Method Hand Wash (great price), and some Wet Ones hand wipes (clearance priced at 64 cents for 20)! yea!

  23. Clearance toddler shoes, Nate Berkus clearance decor, Threshold fall decor 20% off!
    So excited for all the new fall decor!!

  24. My last trip I bought clearance sunscreen and strawberries. I only spent $7 and still not sure how that happened. πŸ™‚ Well I do know I had been 4 days in a row so I didn’t really NEED anything. LOL

  25. Wow…I guess the better question is what I haven’t bought at Target recently…lol. I recently bought backpacks, bike helmets, 2 bookcases, and many more clearance items. I love Cartwheel!! I just wish you could load more than 14 or so discounts. Thanks!

  26. I bought a birthday present for my daughter. Her birthday isn’t until May, but when I heard about 70% off sales on water toys on this site, I couldn’t resist!

  27. I saved $52.50 on 3 halloween costumes last Friday with the cartwheel deal! I also got a couple fabric bins at 30% off.

  28. I bought some groceries this afternoon – gf Perdue chicken strips, eggs, milk, avocados, apple juice, sour cream and chocolate chips.

  29. I got up and up diapers with the 20% off cartwheel coupon over the weekend! I also picked up some huggies wipes by combining a target coupon and a cartwheel coupon. I love target.

  30. I bought some purple towels on clearance which I’m going to machine embroidery for a Christmas gift. Getting to be that time of year:)

  31. I scored a Star Wars costume for $10 with my 50% off cartwheel and a ‘light saber’ from the dollar bin. My son is going to be a very cute (and cheap!) Luke Skywalker for Halloween!

  32. Lots of Pantene, razor, shaving cream , diapers , wipes, baby food, tide, and much more! Love target!

  33. I bought up and up items so I could use Cartwheel. Detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, plastic storage bags

  34. I recently bought 2 children’s books from Target — Little Blue Truck Leads the Way & Steam Train, Dream Train. Both are excellent!

  35. I bought my son’s Halloween costume (Jango Fett) for 50% off! I love this page. Thanks for the heads up on the Cartwheel deal.

  36. I bought the gillette shave gel with $6 off of 3. Bought the Lindt Hello bar. Got them all for free. Love this site

  37. I got a patio 3 piece bistro at 50% off and lots of school supplies at 70% thanks to your post. I also started using Cartwheel and Shopkick. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  38. Last trip was a big trip with a lot of purchase – but my best deal was on Pampers Swaddlers. 15% clearance and two $1.50 coupons means I got a big box for less than $20!

  39. Just bought Starburst candy for the class guessing jar, some paper towels, waters, Dryers fruit bars and a Lego Hero Factory Furno XL toy that was on sale!

  40. I love this sight. I just bought a cart full of groceries, much of it stapels that will last me for the next month. After using my coupons, cart wheel, team member discount, and red card discount, I only spent $140 for a cart overflowing with food to feed my family. πŸ™‚

  41. The last thing I bought at Target were 2 luxury bath towels that were on sale for $6 each, and I had a bogo 1/2 off Target coupon = $9! I was so happy and they are sooooo soft.

  42. The list of target items recently bought is too much! My favorite “latest” buy was a shark mini chop I found on clearance! Thank you for the wonderful blog! I read it almost daily and have told so many friends about the savings I have had since discovering!

  43. Recently I did the Lindt Chocolate deal I learned about on your page. Love both of your sites! Thanks,

  44. Lots and Lots of Uncrustables for my 4 year old twins! Eating me out of house and home! Lol!

  45. Just bought my son munchkin sippy cups for $1! On sale this week for $2 and used $1 off coupon.. cant beat target and your site..full of awesome deals that you just cant pass up.

  46. Thank you for this great blog. I am addicted and can’t wait to go home everyday and print coupons for my daily lunch trip to target to score deals!

  47. My oldest is feeling a little crummy so I just bought Target brand tylenol meltaways and chicken noodle soup for her. I also bough a half gallon of Target organic whole milk. πŸ™‚ I had my eye on the Archer Farms Caramel Macchiato, but we are a military family. I figured I better not spend unnecessarily with the iffy payday tomorrow. Now I wish I had bought it to celebrate another payday tomorrow morning!! πŸ˜€

  48. I recently bought boxes of pampers and some baby wipes. I got a great deal by stacking clearance prices, cartwheel and coupons!

  49. Halloween costumes for my kiddos, a few groceries and tons of clearance school supplies! Obsessed with Target!!

  50. My daughter’s Halloween costume with the 50% cartwheel deal! Love paying less than $10 for a costume.

  51. I used the Target Cartwheel app and bought my son’s Halloween costume at 50% off. I was so happy especially since I just lost my job.

  52. Yoda costume for my toddler (with cartwheel coupon of course:) & a cute turqoise metal lantern on clearance!

  53. I love your posts! You just saved me 50% on 2 costumes for my boys! I paid $20 for 2 costumes. Love you!

  54. I bought a Halloween costume for my son, free Lindt bars, and cheap toddler girl clothes with that great cartwheel!

  55. I just got a few new tops for fall, and used cartwheel for a bunch of toiletry stuff. I also just ordered flannel sheets online and I cannot WAIT for them to get here!

  56. My husband and I both did the Advil deal and used the gift cards towards his birthday present: Iron Man 3!

  57. I got one of the women’s Merona ultimate cardigans. I combined print, mobile and cartwheel coupons to get it for half price!

  58. I bought a greeting card and toothpaste:) The toothpaste was not the gift, but a necessity! Thanks for this giveaway!

  59. I just bought some first aid items and an avocado today … love that they have fresh produce now, as it saves me a trip sometimes. Thank you for the giveaway!

  60. Just went today and got 2 Pillsbury mini pancakes, 1 Kraft Cheesy Skillets, 1 Kraft Recipe Maker, 2 Axe deodorants (which came with free trail size face wash), and 2 Beneful dog snacks. Total before coupons = 21.56. Total after coupons and 5% red card (including tax) = $6.93. Thanks All Things Target!

  61. Just got back from Target tonight. I picked up some Luvs diapers, Fruit Punch, Dr. Pepper, and two Reeses! (Such an exciting trip, I know! lol) Thanks for the chance!!!


  62. Went to target today and took advantage of there pillow sale πŸ™‚ bought a couple for a great price

  63. I bought a black dress with ivory lace overlay and Peter Pan collar and skinny belt. Totally cute. Only 50% off, but it was the last one so I couldn’t pass it up.

  64. The better question would be what have I not bought at Target recently? I can never go in and get only what I need for some reason! Especially with all the coupons and savings now! I recently bought a yellow cardigan and some binder dividers.

  65. Stars war full/queen quilt it was normal 89.99 I found it 70% off I only paid 26.98. I was so excited.

  66. I just bought a ton of produce and groceries. I also recently purchased all of my daughters disney princess party supplies for her 4th birthday!

  67. I recently bought crayola products that were on clearance. Each priced at under $1.10 each. ☺️

  68. I got Schick Hydro Razors, $6 mfr coupon, $5 Target coupon and a 10% Cartwheel! Even my husband was excited!

  69. I bought a wig for my daughter’s Halloween costume, a birthday present for a friend’s daughter, flip flops for my son…I could go on and on and on!! :o)

  70. A few pieces of clothing for my son for school! He got a couple of pairs of pants and a few shirts! Thanks!

  71. The last thing I bought at Target was some clothes for my brothers new baby on clearance of course.

  72. 6 Fabric foldable storage bins originally 5.99, but has stickers that said “online item 1.96”

  73. My favorite chocolate bars! Hello Lindt chocolate bars at 70% off :). I may have bought 25 of them…

  74. I bought 9 bottles of Large Pantene for a total of 11.52!! After coupons, Cartwheel & my target card. I truly appreciate all that you do and all the work that you put into this. It has saved me and many others lots of money and time!! Thanks!!!

  75. I got 2 pairs of shoes last week with the b1g1 50% off deal and between the sale and 20% off on Cartwhee, i got one of the pairs of shoes for free! I

  76. Hi!
    I recently purchased 5 white frames for the artwork I painted for my newborn sons room πŸ™‚ All very affordable!

  77. 6 preschool nap pads (70% off) tons of shorts for my triplets for next Summer (70% off) pink radio flyer trike (70% off) socks (70% off) backpacks for my trio (70% off) SCORE!!!!! πŸ™‚

  78. I purchased a dog stroller for my 12 year old dog who is sadly dying. She has heart disease and can’t have much exercise so she get “strolled” when my other 2 get their walks.

  79. I love checking the matchups! I always check your site before we shop! We have got free shaving cream and great deals on lindt chocolate last week!

  80. I bought 4 shirts for my son that were all on clearance, all discounted through cartwheel, and had a $3 off coupon. Wahoo!

  81. I got the Fisher Price Farm and Happy Sounds Home. Price matched Amazons price and used the coupons!

  82. I bought a new pair of zebra shoes that were on clearance from an online return. Woot for 3 dollar shoes!

  83. I bought 2 14 lb bags of Beneful dog food for around $17. I was thrilled with that bargain, especially since one usually costs $14.99. πŸ™‚

  84. One of the larger hexbug sets for 50% off. I was surprised to find it since it wasn’t on clearance when the big toy clearance happened.

  85. What don’t I buy? Most recent trip was a bunch of Quaker oatmeal and some adorable clearance toddler girl shirts!!

  86. I needed to go today but had too much to do at home so the last thing I bought at Target was the basics (some milk, eggs and bread) for the hubs before I went out of town this last weekend, lol…

  87. I just bought several pairs of girls’ socks, since my daughter seems to wear through socks at a freakishly fast rate!

  88. I took advantage of that Huggies wipes deal posted last week… with a new baby on the way, might as well stock up! πŸ™‚

  89. Today at Target I picked up 8 boxes of klenex two four packs and five velveeta cheese skillet microwave meals and four barilla microwave meals for a total of $.71 after tax my subtotal was $.41 cents. We love target and we go just about every day.

  90. I recently bought the up and up diapers on clearance with cartwheel and 5% off for red card!!! Woohoo!

  91. Bought some school supplies for just pennies! And a couple of clearance tops for my teenaged daughter for just a couple of dollars!

  92. I most recently went and bought both of my kids their Halloween costumes for 50%. I had no idea about the cartwheel deal until I saw it here. Thank you for all of your updates they really help!!

  93. This past week I went shopping at my favorite store, Target, and was able to use a cartwheel deal!
    20% off of Halloween decor, so I bought my kiddos a faux pumpkin and myself 2 adorable kitchen towels to start our festivities off!!!
    Oh wait, I did find some clearance items for under $2 that I thought be great for stocking stuffers!! Yay me with starting early shopping!
    Thank you Target!

  94. Today I bought Monopoly Jr. using a $3 coupon and Cartwheel, it ended up being something like $6.50!

  95. Bought a framed, whiteboard wall calendar for $4.xx marked down from $14.xx in the back to school clearance. Looks great in our new message center!

  96. I just bought my daughter a binder that zips with a strap for school because a couple of kids decided to play soccer with hers. The “funny” thing is we didn’t buy her a binder for school because she is all about reusing, but the 2nd week into school and her binder cover ripped so I bought another binder during the 70% off. I passed on the zippered binder when it was 70% off because I didn’t think it was necessary.

  97. I bought milk with the cartwheel plus Ibotta deal. I also bought a Lego Duplo set that was 20% off–not a huge steal but a nice deal for something my little guy really wanted! Thanks!

  98. Phew! Never thought I’d reach the end of all the comments. For diapers by doubling up coupons. So psyched about the 30% savings!!!

  99. I bought wipes and centrum flavor burst vitamins. I love Target and this website for posting all the great deals!

  100. My husband & I picked up a Twister Game & a Jenga Game when they were on sale plus used Target Cartwheel on both as well as both a Manufacturer Coupon & a Target Coupon that I had found thanks to this site! Target was also giving away FREE Cookie Dough with purchase of each of these games as well & I also had found Manufacturers Coupons for FREE Tombstone Frozen Pizza if you bought either of these games. Great for family game time or for gifts!

  101. I recently bought a purple glittery pumpkin for a dollar. I also used the cartwheel app to save on food products…like milk πŸ™‚

  102. I bought much needed diapers on the clearance sale and used a $2.50 off coupon do additional savings πŸ™‚ and … I got the kids flip flops and sandals for next year in the 70% off bin! Woo hoo!

  103. Just bought my son soccer socks so he could go to his first ever practice at the Y. He loved it! Headed back in the morning so I can get some things for a trip back to the Midwest to see family.

  104. My last Target trip I bought up & up cotton balls, a free Revlon nail polish, some groceries and some jeans for work! Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Diapers (value box) that i got down to 17.50, small pack of wipes.47 cents and Advil 2 boxes for 3.96 plus a $5 gc and clothes for my son. Lover target especially since i learned to stack coupons and clearances a year ago! Being a mommy on a budget is easier since i learned that..and with your help of course! Thanks again!

  106. I bought a skirt on clearance from! Does that count? haha
    If not, I also bought some clearance Sally Hansen nail polish!

  107. I got backpack for myself for traveling at 70% off and some other things on clearance.
    Thank you for giveaway!

  108. Just went to Target today before heading back to my first week of college for fall semester πŸ™‚ Bought Advil, 4-pack Kleenex clearance boxes, some cello bags, a hair dryer and a clearance up&up binder. Thanks for all the updates in the coupon match-ups and great deals.

  109. I went yesterday and took advantage of the clothes and shoe deal right now.
    Also bought a few home decor items for fall:)

  110. I used Cartwheel for the first time for a bunch of groceries, and I also picked up some Crayola finger paint on clearance for my son.

  111. I buy a lot of groceries such as crackes and cookies at Target trying to take advantage of Cartwheel. Yesterday, I bought cookies, soda, and the handsoap that’s on sale (even saving more by using a coupon in the Sunday paper) Love this website! Love Target!

  112. I purchased 2 chairs that were “online items”. Originally 149.99…marked down to 39.99. I then used 2 of the $5.00 off $30.00 coupons to snag the chairs for 34.99 each!!

  113. I got a set of zebra striped sheets for 12.50! It’s the first Christmas present I’ve bought and I was so excited about it! πŸ™‚

  114. Clearance curtains and curtain rods!! I always find at least one shirt 75% off on the clearance rack also!! Love their clearance items!!!

  115. Just yesterday my wife and I bought our Halloween candy at an amazing price! Can’t wait for more deals to come!

  116. I bought the 50% Halloween costume and accessory for my son and Method laundry soap using 10% Cartwheel and $2 off coupon!

  117. What have I not bought? Recently, I purchased diapers, photo frames, and the new swiffer steam mop.

  118. The last item I purchased at Target was a pair of girls pink cowboy boots! My daughter (4 years old) HAD to have them for square dance day at preschool!

  119. We just had our first child and I’m staying home with him. Love your tips on deals…helps us make ends meet! We recently used your tips to buy Edge shaving cream (for FREE) and diaper genie refills super cheap!

  120. Used more coupons than I ever had at Target. Got mascara, diapers, Clear shampoo and lots more.

  121. Those 70 percent off school supplies thanks to the tip from your site!!! Love your site!

  122. Pantene, Tone, and Lindt were my last great purchases but today I’m going for Halloween candy.

  123. I was not sure where to get an affordable costume for my toddler. Thanks to the cartwheel 50% deal, I got an adorable lion costume. Thanks so much!!!!

  124. Thanks to you, I scored my son’s Incredible Hulk Halloween costume for half-price last week! Love this blog… thanks!

  125. I feel like I am at Target everyday! πŸ™‚ Yesterday I purchased Advil, Always Pads, Velveeta meals and Gatorade Prime!

    Congrats on 25,000!

  126. I bought the clearance curtains and a squirrel pillow using the home coupon ($5 off $30 purchase). Love your site! You’re making it much easier to plan my Target shopping trips!

  127. I got the most fabulous item EVER! A giant pink wig designed for Target by Chris March. Can’t wait to rock it on Halloween!

  128. I recently bought target diapers using the coupon and cartwheel app I found out through site, save so much money!

  129. I bought Halloween costumes and International Delight creamer (for 87 cents, thanks to a $1 coupon!). Love your site! Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop on all the great deals.

  130. I just bought 9 boxes of diapers for my next baby I’m not even pregnant with yet!!!

  131. Whenever you post the clearance deals I go to Target that day to browse. I love seeing everyone else’s pics too. I recently got some good finds in the school clearance section. My favorite find was Spiderman bedding I was going to buy that day. Found it in the end cap for 50% off.

  132. Items bought on clearance yesterday –

    1 pack of 4 hairclips fpr ~$4
    1 dress for only ~$8, to wear to a wedding. A very happy steal πŸ™‚

  133. I bought Up & Up diapers for my 2 month old. And I would use this Target gift card to buy more! πŸ™‚

  134. I purchased the Halloween costume using the 50%off from The Cartwheel
    Thanks to your post πŸ™‚
    I’m so happy for all the deals, i found your page last week
    and sharing with my friends!
    Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

  135. I recently took advantage of the awesome 20% off Up and Up diapers Cartwheel deal at Target. With 2 month old twin girls, I am so grateful for all the baby deals you post! Thank you.

  136. It’s hard to name just one thing! We shop there for home goods and groceries. One of the last things we bought was a duvet cover for our guest room. (We used our red card and it was on sale!)

  137. I just recently bought four Halloween costumes at Target, using the 50% off cartwheel coupon…and also some more 70% off school supplies notebooks, folders, etc. to stock up for next year for all of my kiddos! Love it!!

  138. Most recent item would be a Wolverine costume for my 4 year old! I saw your post about the 50% off cartwheel deal on costumes, and as soon as I saw it, I told my husband “I HAVE to go to Target, RIGHT NOW!” I had a $10 gift card from the Pantane deal from last week, so I used that on top of the cartwheel and just paid tax! So thankful for all you do!

  139. I bought two necklaces–they were 20% off and I had a ‘buy one get one free’ text coupon!

  140. I bought paint art supplies for my nephews birthday and some scouring pads πŸ™‚ You can get it all at Target!

  141. I usually stick to “match-up” shopping, but found a great set of Fieldcrest sheets on 50% clearance last week – a splurge without guilt πŸ™‚

  142. I just bought some super cute place cards for our annual Friendsgiving dinner we do each year. I was able to write on each one of them why I was thankful for that friend. The One Zone is a fun place to get lost and then you enter the rest of the story and it all goes downhill on savings!

  143. I bought pampers on “clearance” for 20% off and stacked $4 worth of coupons on top of that. LOVE your site! Thanks for helping my family save $$!!

  144. I snagged the halloween candy deal this week with the large bags of Mars candy. We are set for Halloween now!

  145. Took advantage of the back to school supply clearance and bought a procat/puma backpack for $11.98.

  146. We bought diapers & wipes (with our Cartwheel coupons – thanks for sharing!), 9mo clothing for our baby girl, and lots of other goodies for our pumpkin!

  147. I bought water guns at 70% off- surprise attack on Daddy when he gets home from work!

  148. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve been there. Let’s see.. .clearance nail polish for stocking stuffers . And a clearance polo and tights for my daughter’s school uniforms.

  149. I recently got kids costumes on sale because of All Things Target giving me a heads up! Congrats on the 10,000 subscribers!!

  150. I bought a curtain rod on clearance for $8, a table cloth, and hook rings to make it into a curtain.

  151. Just went food shopping at Target. Feeding 5 adults gets tough sometimes and I learned how to use cartwheel and saved $8 the very first time.

  152. I recently bought my son’s costume with the 50% Cartwheel getting the deluxe mario costume for only $15.00. Then I did the Target coupon/cartwheel matchup for huggies diapers and wipes for my daughter

  153. It is considered buying if you got it for free? Lindt chocolate is what I “purchased!”

  154. What haven’t I bought at target recently…
    The best was the Pantene deal. I scored a ton of free shampoo/conditioner/stylers to donate to the local women’s shelter and am still using the $10 gift cards to buy anything my heart desires- last week it was the mossimo bogo 1/2 price ballet flats!

  155. Kids shoes, Disney princess book, cereals and chobani yogurt, all on sales, clearance and/or coupons. Love Target.

  156. I have a fundraiser in the Spring that I needed a silent auction item for, so I bought the Threshold three pack garden tools – spade, rake and shears and an amazing Smith & Hawken planter for 70% off! I think total I spent $10-12 and I am hoping it sells for at least $40+! Please keep forwarding these great deals so I put more great items on the silent auction table in April 2014!

  157. I went last night and found a ps3 Cars 2 game on clearance for 5 dollars. It will be a Christmas gift for this year.

  158. I bought some Champion shirts for my hubby and Up & Up colorful sandwich bags for my little guys. Thanks for all the tips.

  159. I bought a bunch of shirts for myself… on clearance and with a coupon, it was awesome!

  160. I got my son a Batman costume for 50% off! Never would have known about the coupon if I didn’t see it posted on your page! Thanks!!!

  161. I bought a bathing suit that was clearanced for $2.98. It was size 0-3 months and was so darn cute I had to buy it just to hang on to it for the next baby shower.

  162. I bought scotch tape on the 70% school supplies and some outdoor lanterns on the 70% summer outdoor clearance.

  163. A backpack for my daughter (saving for next year) at 70% off with a 10% cartwheel discount and my redcard = less than $5

  164. I bought a jump zone sky divers 2 pack for $1.78 at my local store. They will be given to my son and he will love them. thanks for the giveaway! wish me the lucky winner.

  165. Love Target…love the great deals I get there, and good customer service. I like anything I can get for a fraction of the cost after coupons, whatever I don’t use, I donate.

  166. I recently bought baby clothes as a gift. I love the “Child of Mine” by Carter’s clothes.

  167. I bought a pool at 70% off for next summer, or possibly to turn into a ball pit this winter!

  168. Some halloween decor using cartwheel and Feed clearance notecards and a small canister (perfect for homemade cookies)

  169. Latest shopping trip = 4 backpacks at 70% off and various exercise equipment at 70% off (think I will be treating myself to an early christmas present.) πŸ™‚

  170. I bought 3 dvds (The Little Mermaid, The Croods, and Wizard of Oz blu-ray),
    Kraft velveeta shells and cheese and velveeta cheesy skillets .94 ea and b3gof(be careful the sign was clearly marked however, register rang regular price, got them at .94 ea after going to CS and finally, up and up tissues in the boutique boxes with the animals and letters on the boxes for .68 ea – .50 off up and up facial tissue item target q= .18 ea.
    It was a great day!

  171. Just scored a $5 gift card when I bought 2 big bags of Mars candy. I didn’t mind having to get the bags with M&M’s because let’s face it – who doesn’t love M&M’s??!!!


  172. We buy lots of diapers from Target…but I really loved all the school supplies I was able to stock up on.

  173. I bought a pair of Mossimo jeans that were on sale for $20 and used my 20% off from cartwheel catching a good deal!

  174. I bought 6 big bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner for $5.66, using Cartwheel and BOGO coupons. Thanks for the heads up, that was a great deal! πŸ™‚

  175. Last thing I purchased was three big patene shampoo and conditioner. got em for $1 each. good deal you posted. Thanks!

  176. I went to go get the free fruit and clothes using cartwheel, target mobile coupons and manufacturers πŸ™‚

  177. I was excited to find a Duvet cover on clearance. I even love the colors and it gave a new look in my bedroom.

  178. Last night I bought a printer, which cost only $33.24 after my RED card 5% savings! So now my home has 2 which means more COUPONS.. more SAVINGS! I HEART TARGET!!

  179. It’s hard to name just one thing I’ve bought recently at Target! I bought some circo bedding recently at great prices!

  180. I’m at target all the time. In my last trip I got Pantene shampoo and conditioner some socks for my son at $1 also got him a ninja turtle shirt

  181. I got a Skylander’s costume for my son and some baby snacks the last time I went to Target.

  182. Went yesterday and found some leftover clearance school supplies and got clearance gerber newborn clothes and clearance EOS 4pk lip balm πŸ™‚ It was a good day!

  183. I bought some Cherokee girls jeggings for my girls. Used my shopkick discount, with cartwheel savings.

  184. I have gotton the Campbells Slow Cooker Sauces, Del Monte Burst. Always liners. Revlon Nail Color and other items that were on clearance. Have not been able to go much.

  185. I have just loved your site. Mostly Ive been catching deals on shampoo and shaving items. The best deal was the hasboro Taboo with cookie dough!

  186. My husband’s favorite salsa is Target’s Market Pantry brand. They had a deal for buy 3, get one free today! He’ll be so glad we’re stocked up!

  187. Congratulations on passing the 25k mark on Facebook!
    We recently enjoyed a Lindt Hello Chocolate bar from Target – yum.

  188. My Target finally got more of the Smucker’s ice cream topping in, so I snagged it for free when I stacked manufacture and target coupon. Thanks so much.

  189. This weekend my son and I picked up 3 air conditioners for next year at 34.00 a piece, what a steal. I am hooked on your site and I’m sure the cashiers hate to see me coming with my deals and steals thanks to you. Keep up the great site. Thank you.

  190. Love your site and Facebook page!!! We recently purchased a few sippy cups for kids on sale at Target.

    Heather Green

  191. I bought a Halloween onesie for my nephew. It rang up for less than the advertised price – score!

  192. just did my weekly shopping and bought the del monte fruit bursts with the outstanding coupon matchups, yeah for cheap squeezers!

  193. My 15.5 year old had to have The Little Mermaid DVD. So she begged to drive there to buy it as soon as I got home from work. Of course we had to check out the sales and coupons and ended up with a cart load of deals.

  194. I recently did the Pantene moneymaker deal- bought 2 big shampoos and 4 stylers. I’m going to donate one of the shampoos and my husband actually likes the stylers so he’ll be using those!

  195. I scored on a lot of clearance school supplies-fiskars scissors, crayola paint, dry erase boards & a book of stickers.

  196. I buy so much at Target! Just recently I bought the cutest outfit for my niece and some coconut mocha kcups!

  197. I just bought The Croods DVD with Belt plushie for my daughter. And filled a prescription.

  198. I bought 2 Halloween costumes for 50% using the cartwheel for my boys and two candy bags to go with them. Thank for the contest.

  199. Crayola Dry Erase items. Recently discovered your site and really love it. Thanks for all you do!

  200. I recently pick up Halloween and Thanksgiving craft and decoration items from the Dollar Spot: window clings, pumpkin decoration kits, placemat activity sets, kids books, and candle center pieces. Fantastic stuff!!

  201. Pampers were on clearance last week so I got some of those! And my last great find were some maternity/nursing dresses all on clearance and in some great colors! I bought 5! πŸ™‚ Less than a hundred bucks.

  202. I got 4 packs of Dr. Pepper for $10 (a steal in the city we live in). Next shopping trip I plan to get 4 Dr. Pepper 10 packs for $9 when I use 2 peelies and a printed coupon I have. As well as the Little Mermaid deal!

  203. I bought (using coupons) the bogo pancakes deal, the monterey supreme burrito, and 2 yoplait yogurts and the del monte squishems today πŸ™‚ spent less than 2.00!!!

  204. I bought Monsters and Spiderman costumes (50% CW) for my boys and Method Orla Kiely Cloudburst hand soap (30%) and Alba sea scrub for me!

  205. and tomorrow I will be getting Snickers Halloween candy as well as the little mermaid deal!

  206. I bought Pantene and Angel Soft, used Coupons, cartwheel, and my red card. I also bought my daughter new bedding & an ottoman for her room on clearance. Love Target. Today is Halloween candy and hopefully the clearance towels I have been waiting for the price to be dropped:).

  207. I was on facebook when an allthings target post popped up about the bogo women shoes with the 20% off for certain brands through cartwheel. Later that day I went and bought a new pair of combat boots I have been wanting and ended up getting a pair of dress flats for 4 dollars!

  208. I recently bought some shorts for my daughter (for next year) for $3 each on clearance! Hurray for good deals at target!

  209. I bought the black and tan striped ponte dress. I love the length of it and I love that it has pockets!

  210. I just bought some stuff from the Phillip Lim collection! I got a sweater, floral blouse and a handbag for myself and a colorblock tee for my husband. πŸ™‚

  211. I just got some underwear thats always a fun trip! We also hit the school supply clearance you posted about! Thanks

  212. Congrats! I just picked up my free cupcake liners and a baby booster seat on clearance πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your help saving me money!

  213. I bought a costume for my daughter at 50% off due to the cartwheel deal I saw on here! I am also going to get the Halloween candy today. Thanks for all of the tips- I recommend this site to everyone I know!

  214. I bought summer gifts for summer birthdays at 70% off most recently. And a Starbucks πŸ˜‰

  215. I sadly, just recently purchased a coat for my daughter and the buttons are falling off already- oops. I feel sad for her bc she loved it.

  216. At the most recent visit, got many things including cat treats and a fall dish towel to name a few.

  217. Costumes for my twins! Got both for under $20 bucks total with the great coupon. πŸ™‚

  218. Diapers and used the cartwheel deal! The sizes I needed weren’t on clearance though.

  219. Yesterday I bought an All Essentials butter dish at 50% for $3.98. I have been looking at it for about two months now hoping it would go to 75% off but I finally just caved and bought it. Now I’m waiting for the matching honey jar to go to 75%.

  220. I buy a lot of stuff at Target, but recently I got a good deal on a tabletop fan on clearance.

  221. A large package of pork chops (marked down with a $3 off coupon) and a small package of steak (marked down with a $2 off coupon) paid in total less than a dollar because the pork chops didn’t ring up, but their coupon did!

  222. I bought a bag of frozen strawberries to make smoothies for my 16 month old twins. (I sneak spinach and avocado in there too. )

  223. I recently bought Kraft pasta for $.94 b3go and used 2 coupons making them less than $1 for all 4 πŸ™‚

  224. On my last trip I bought some bread and peanut butter and milk and pringles. Lunch for my kids ages 5, 4 and 2. πŸ™‚

  225. I just bought The Little Mermaid DVD and doll, paired with the coupon and cartwheel deal πŸ™‚

  226. The Little Mermaid bluray and doll $16.50 that including our tax! I bought the deal x2 one for us and one for a gift!

  227. I got Halloween costumes for my kids with Cartwheel – they were super excited. Best find was a Weber grill for 70% off a couple of weeks ago – thanks to your post! Thanks for all that you do!!

  228. Pack of Size 3 Pampers clearanced diapers (115 ct), Pampers Baby Wipes (216 ct), Huggies Little Snugglers newborn diapers (36 ct), and two packs of Huggies wipes (224 ct. ea pack) and two bags of Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice coffee. Total out of pocket after coupons and Cartwheel – $37.50. Total for just the diapers and wipes – $28. Plus it wasn’t until after I had left and gone home that I realized the $2.50 off Huggies diapers and wipes mobile coupon did not deduct from the total – but the Huggies wipes mobile coupon did….grrrr. That would have brought my total for just diapers and wipes to $25.50 – the big box of Pampers alone is regularly priced at $25.00 – to get that many wipes and another pack of diapers on top of that is an excellent deal!!!

  229. I was there today and bought the little mermaid dvd and doll for my daughter..the wizard of oz dvd for me πŸ™‚ I also bought some sale pockets and Doritos…

  230. Got some cute Halloween shot glasses, plastic vase filler, and some adorable animal place card holders (that I’m probably going to use for my sons bday!) all in the dollar spot bins! πŸ™‚ used my cartwheel and got ten percent off too! πŸ™‚

  231. I did the BOGO on accessories. I paid $5.98 for a pair of clearance earrings and got a pair of $16.99 sunglasses for free πŸ™‚

  232. I recently bought some diapers and sippy cups, and tonight I’m going to buy the Little Mermaid DVD (hopefully they haven’t ran out)!

  233. I purchased 2 lindt chocolates (used two $2 mfg and one $1 target coupon), 2 each of lettuce and mushrooms ($1 off $5 pur), two velveeta singles (used two $1 mfg coupon and received target gc for $13.50 for scanning error), 2 campbell slow cookers (used 2 $1 mfg), 2 del monte fruit bursts (used 2 $1mfg and $1 target coupons), Birds eye frozen recipe maker ($1.66 – redeemed $1.75 from ibotta), 1 box eggo (.75 from ibotta), GF made simple buritto (.50 from ibotta), 2 old orchard frozen apple juice (used B1G1F coupon), 2 snickers ice cream bars (used two $1 coupons – packages had free red box movie rental), 3 fusion shave creams (used three $2 coupons), 4 venus disposable razors (used four $3 coupons), 2 angel soft 36 double rolls (used two $2 coupons and 5% cartwheel), 3 packages of t-bone steaks (each had a $3 off coupon), 2 packs of 24ct fancy feast cat food (used two $1 mfg and 1 $5/2 target coupons), 4 colgate mouthwash (used three $2 mfg coupons and got one free), two kraft ready meals (used $1 mfg and $1 target coupon and got one free), and 4 packs of mountain dew $12/4.

  234. I went to 2 different Targets today looking for The Little Mermaid BluRay/DVD combo pack (the first was out of it). While there, I also picked up Lindt Hello chocolate for a great deal with 2 coupons, and then some wine =)

  235. I just bought The Little Mermaid on Blu-Ray with the coupon found on your blog. It is going to make a PERFECT gift for my little one’s first birthday!!

  236. I just bought several packs of Always Incredibly Thin Liners for $.19!! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  237. I recently purchased a five ring binder, two notebooks, a scarf, and a Phillip Lim for Target skirt! πŸ™‚

  238. For the first time in over 5 years, I bought myself some new pajama pants! It was (way past) time!

  239. Clearance season items – squirt guns. I have learned a lot from this site about Clearance items price and also how to better use cartwheel. Thank you!

  240. We bought hello kitty ear phones. Clearance of course and putting away for my daughter’s stocking stuffer

  241. I bought some shoes for my little – baby girl is now wearing size 3 πŸ™‚

  242. I JUST used the BOGO jewlery, watch, sunglasses coupon to purchase a bracelet on clearance $2.98 and got a pair of sunglasses ($16.99 value) for free!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  243. I bought the big bags of chocolate candy from Mars with the coupons you posted about!
    Awesome deal! πŸ˜‰

  244. I bought a Halloween mustache for my little brother’s Halloween costume and used the 20% off deal on cartwheel!

  245. I found a bunch of Melissa & Doug art stuff on clearance…crayons, paint, activity pads and stamp sets. Also found Crayola easy grip colored pencils marked down.

  246. I found a bunch of M&D art stuff at 50% off…crayons, paint, activity pads and stamp sets. Also Crayola easy grip colored pencils marked down.

  247. I walked out of Target yesterday with only one thing!!! (That never happens!) It was a Nerf water gun for 70% off.

  248. The best thing I bought on clearance recently was a portable air conditioner/dehumidifier that normally sells for $359.00, got it for $113.00.

  249. I have recently bought the 75% lunch bag, Revlon make-up and I am excited to use the buy one get one accessories coupon which runs out tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  250. Well we just purchased a small water table that went on clearance

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  251. I recently bought my son a comforter set – he went from “little” boy to “big” boy way too fast! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  252. Oh we just went Friday and did the Axe deodorant deal! This is the only brand my son uses due to allergies….so this was so great for us!!!

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