Summer Ice Cream Party with Magnum, Klondike & Fruttare (from Target of course!) + Giveaway

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Summer ice cream party target

Summer is the perfect time for having fun with family and friends, school is out and the weather is great! We love to have parties in our backyard. We enjoy spending the summer grilling something yummy for dinner, playing yard games, swimming in the pool and just plain relaxing.

magnum klondike fruttare

To make sure our most recent get together was relaxing for me. I picked up dessert at Target, thanks to their buy 3 get 1 FREE sale on all Magnum, Klondike & Fruttare bars. I simply threw some ice in a bowl and added all the treats. Dessert was done!

kids ice cram

The younger kids always seem to make a mess and the teens want to be the one that can eat their ice cream the quickest. Brain Freeze anyone? I think they are secretly hoping for seconds.

Unilever Target Ice Cream Sale

Through 8/30, Target is having a buy 3, get 1 FREE sale on all Magnum, Klondike & Fruttare bars.   It get’s even better, because there are also some Target printable coupons you can use too.

Target giveaway

Giveaway: One lucky All Things Target reader is going to win a Target cooler tote and a $75 Target gift card! Think of all the yummy ice cream you can stock up on with that!!

How to enter: Simply leave a comment on this post telling me which ice cream bars are your fave…Magnum, Klondike or Fruttare.

Giveaway will close on Wednesday, August 13th at 9:00 pm PST. Good luck!

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox for Target and Unilever. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ve never tried a Magnum bar so I have to go with Klondike. “oh, what would you do for a klondike bar?!”

  2. Magnum…..nothing better than a cold, chocolate treat after a long day outside in the sun!!!!


  3. Great get together!! My fav are the Magnum bars with caramel. Chocolate+ice cream+gooey caramel= heaven!!!!

  4. Klondike. Believe it or not, I think the Magnum bars are too chocolate-y! The chocolate is too thick for me; Klondike gets it just right.

  5. klondike bars. we’ve never tried magnum bars. i really wanted to try the magnum almond, but my target didn’t have any in stock. =( maybe next time.

  6. Magnums are the best! With extra thick, crunchy toppings and a creamy center – you simply can’t wrong with any Magnum choice. I’m a true Magnum fan!

  7. I haven’t had any of those ice cream bars, but would like to try the magnum. They look delicious.

  8. I like the Fruttare and since my youngest can’t have chocolate we can all enjoy them!

  9. I love love love the magnums!!!! The chocolate caramel is the best! Dreamy Creamy Goodness!!!

  10. It is a tough call between Klondike and Magnum… I think I’d have to choose Magnum though!

  11. I did not have Klondike for a long time, so I don’t remember how it tastes. But I love Magnum and Fruttare.
    Thank you for great giveaway!

  12. Magnum Bars are a Fav in our house 🙂 Taste better with coupons and a good deal LOL!!

  13. I love the Reese’s Klondike bars! I have never had Magnum or Fruitare, so I’ll have to try those!

  14. Oh man, I’m trying to think of the name….I buy them at Target! They’re two oatmeal cookies with mint chocolate chip ice cream in the middle. They are so good! Figured it out…. It’s It Ice Cream sandwiches. The best.

  15. What would you do for a Target card…..? Oops! I meant Klondike bar- my fav!

    No, I meant Target gift card. 😀

  16. Klondike are my favorite…especially the ones that have crunches in the chocolate coating!

  17. Oreo Klondikes are my fave! The magnum bars look delicious but I’ve never had one. May be a good time to try one 🙂

  18. Klondike!!! Crisp chocolate with creamy ice cream…. Momma I remember them during the summertime when I was growing up!

  19. The reese’s klondike! Though the magnum kind looks yummy, I have never tried it.

  20. I personally love Klondike but we have kiddos with allergies so I always end up getting the Fruttare

  21. I love Klondike bars! And I love this blog (I’ve just been following for a month and I am hooked!)

  22. Magnum is my favorite!!!!! I love all the layers and chocolately goodness!!!

    I really hope I win, I never win anything! 🙂

  23. Klondike Heath Bars. Love going to my in laws because they buy them in every flavor!!

  24. All would be delicious! I would load them up in the Target cooler tote and enjoy. My son would probably want to try all of them to decide which one he likes best, and then I would be left to eat the rest. What a shame!!!! HA!

  25. Magnum! I used to eat these all the time when I lived in England 12 yrs ago and so glad they are here now!

  26. Definitely, Fruttare Bars…..Seeing as how I am on a dairy free diet for my daughter they are the only thing I can have right now.

  27. My favorite are the Magnum bars but I am nine months pregnant and would eat any of them in a heart beat 😉

  28. Magnum all the way!
    Thanks, Target for such a great deal! And this fantastic blog for making it known!! 🙂

  29. Magnum all the way, i always buy them when i am out couponing in this hot weather!! 🙂

  30. I’ve only had Klondike bars, so I would have to go with that, but I do love them! Would like to try the Magnum too, they look delish!

  31. Hub and I first tried Magnums on a hot day when we were touring the Mystic Aquarium last year. Always saw the commercial and wanted to try, but they are a bit pricey for the size. These deals and coupons are great as we also live Klondikes (ESP the dark chocolate covered ones)

  32. I love Klondike bars. We used to have them growing up and it brings back such wonderful memories!

  33. Klondike, of course! And I’ll be right back. . . running to Target – need icecream!!!!

  34. Love Magnum, rich chocolate and yummy vanilla ice cream! what’s not to love? <3

  35. This pregnancy has had me on a fruit kick (good thing!)…so Fruttare it is at this point 😉

  36. My fav is Magnum Bars!! Although my daughter loves the Mango flavor fruttare bars and my husband loves the Klondike bars.

  37. Love the Fruitaire! And not too bad for you either :+) Of course when you eat 3 of them….

  38. Love Magnum ice cream but hate the name. Ha! Thanks for a chance at this great giveaway.

  39. Fruttare!!! I love fruity flavors. My kids love Klondike bars, and my husband loves Magnum bars. It’s a win win win in iur household

  40. Funny enough my husband likes Klondike, my kids like the fruttare and I want to try the magnum.

  41. Actually I’ve never had any of those ice cream bars but if I had to choose one Id pick the Klondike bar!

  42. Magnum almond ice cream. Love almonds in my ice cream bars! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Klondike bars! I especially enjoy the special varieties – like cookies n cream and mint chocolate chip.

  44. Klondike or Magnum ? Well, I think the real choice is……am I buying the ice cream bars for just myself {{and hiding them in the freezer}} or do I have to share? If I have to share, then it is the SIX pack of Klondikes….if just for me…then the THREE pack of double carmel Magnums. 🙂

  45. My favorite is Klondike. It brings back memories of when I was a kid and summers were magical.

  46. Grew up eating Klondike bars so I would have to say those are my favorite. I love all the fun new flavors they have now!

  47. fruttare!! the deliciousness of fruit + ice cream — can’t go wrong with that! 🙂

    but after reading the post, i can’t get “What would you do-OO-oo for a Klondike bar?” out of my head! 🙂

  48. I love magnum! If i win this thing it will be great presents for my bday on August 15th!!

  49. It is hard to only pick one as we love Klondike and Magnum. Since we can only pick one, I would have to say that we love the Magnum the best!! Yummy!!

  50. Klondikes are delish! But I’ve had some magnum coupons just waiting to be used!

  51. I love the magnum double caramel bars!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  52. My hubby and i love Magnum! I havent tried Klondike though..so winning the GC would be great to try it 😉

  53. Magnum are my favorite- they are like special mommy treats for after kids are in bed. But really our family loves all three!

  54. Klondike
    I remember someone forgot one Klondike in our freezer… We cleaned the fridge not knowing it was there. Well, So-Cal heat was bad for the little ice cream. Within a few minutes, it melted and we had a really hard time cleaning it…

  55. Klondike but simply because I have yet to try the others. I need to get on that! 🙂

  56. Klondike is my most favorite ice cream, my kids love it too. It would be so wonderful to win the gift card and freezer bag. Things have been pretty tight around here. Have you tried the Klondike Oreo sandwiches? Those have been my favorite for what seems like forever.

  57. Klondike of course! Simple & the best in taste! & they will melt in the sun unlike other ice cream sandwiches (walmarT)

  58. Fruttare has become my family’s favorite! Even the one year old loves them…especially the banana flavor!

  59. Love the Magnum bars the best! Klondike bars are good but messy to eat, I need a handy stick to hold on to! :o)

  60. I love MAGNUM!!! Love love love it!!!!!!!!! Taste so much better but lil bit pricey for me 😉

  61. Klondike is my favorite. I have tried the Fruttare bars and like those too. I have not tried the Magnum yet.

  62. Fruttare. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with twins and cannot get enough fruit popcicles this summer!

  63. We have yet to try any of the three but the KLONDIKE looks yummy! Thanks to this post, after printing out coupons + the sale….my family will be happy to see me bring all three sweets home to try! 🙂

  64. Honestly I have never tried any of those Ice cream bars but I love shopping at target especially for the kiddos. 😉

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