Giveaway: $20 Target Gift Card (3 Winners!!)

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WINNERS: Emails have gone out to the winners.

  • Elena I.
  • Regina
  • Katie G.

I promised a giveaway once we reached 2500 Facebook Fans on the All Things Target Facebook page and we made it!   Woo Hoo!   Thanks to everyone for sharing All Things Target with your friend and family and for making the All Things Target Facebook page a fun place to hang out and talk about our latest Target deals and clearance finds.

I am giving away a $20 Target gift card to 3 lucky All Things Target readers.   Winners will be chosen at random for the comments that are left on this post.

How to enter:  Just leave a comment on this post telling me one of the last things you bought at Target  (It was the $ .13 Twizzlers for me)

Want extra entries: Leave separate comments on this post for each of these items you qualify for (comment with “I am a Facebook Fan”, “I follow you on Twitter” and  “I am a subscriber”):

Giveaway will close at 9:00 pm (PST) on Thursday, July 26th.   Good luck!!

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  1. I got dress shoes for my oldest daughter for $2.88 and sneakers for my other daughter for $3.48!

  2. The last good deal I bought…a great frame on clearance for two dollars and change!

  3. The last thing I bought at Target was a My Little Pony castle set (50% off) wasn’t patient enough to wait for 70% off 🙂

  4. I am a Facebook Fan! I just got back from my Bonney Lake Target and scored free Papermate pens!! Thanks Christy at All Things Target, I am so appreciative of your work of letting us Target shoppers get the best deals!!!

  5. The last deal scanned on my most recent trip (2 hours ago) was an embroidered White Sox hoodie for my son for 70%the off!!

  6. I like you on facebook & subscribe to the newsletter……but I still last bght Children’s Motrin a card! 🙂

  7. I went to Target today to check out the summer clearance & ended up buying NOTHING. Technically, Tarjay paid me to be there, as I got a free cookie for my 3 year old!!

  8. I bought Moxie Girlz Glitter’ Style Sophina for $5.98–thank you for the head’s up on the toy clearance sale.

  9. Probably the last few things I bought at Target were some Mrs Meyers cleaners, gardening can, and some shoes for the kids

  10. I bought the mini teacake maker (looks kinda like a George Forman) for $2.99 – reg price $29.99 – 90% off!!!

  11. I picked up two Polly Pocket dolls for $2.88 and $2.98. With my $5 off coupon I got them for a total of $1.15; so .58 cent a piece!!

  12. I bought 2 Trio sets 70% off, Hot Wheels and Batman each were 10.78. I also purchased new running shoes 70% off plus a 20% off shoe coupon, a mossimo tribal print tee marked down to $4.48 then I used a $3.00 coupon. Oh yeah. A great score was a seal a meal 50% off plus there was a $5.oo off coupon stuck to the box. Score!

  13. I bought two Covergirl items, a bag of Pure Cat litter, two bottles of Head and SHoulders, and Secret Deodarant and only paid $.66 after coupons and $10 in Gift cards from previous buys. Made my 17 year old son say WOW!

  14. $95 of toys for $28 on Thursday! Jungle Junction play set, Minnie Mouse phone, some clay toys and the singing crayon caddy!

  15. I got 2 beach chairs from the summer clearance for $1.20 each! Thanks for the heads up!!!

  16. The last thing I bought at Target was a small package of diapers that had a $2 coupon on it. Score! Less than $5 for diapers!

  17. We bought Squishy Baff for the kiddo. BTW, the green color gels the best.

  18. We bought two slip ‘n’ slide type toys from the 90% off summer section for just $1.49 each. We’re meeting up (out of state) with DH’s extended family next weekend and these will be perfect gifts to give nieces and nephews–one for each family, naturally.

  19. It was shoes for my son and, as he is starting to get picky about what he wears, he wanted the ones that were not on sale!

  20. Last thing I purchased at target was a new pot for my cactus that I found on clearance! My cactus will be happy to get out of its tiny pot.

  21. I got the twizzlers too, but I live in LA so they were only 50% off. Nothing goes low here, sadness! I did get some great spices half off, though 🙂

  22. I also just want to say.thank you for all your time! I looove target and this is the best site!

  23. I bought the cute little reusable Glad containers that have popcicles on them. On clearance for .89!

  24. I am a Facebbok fan! I last bought a kids cooler lubch bag at 70% off for $3.88.

  25. I am a Facebook fan. Last thing I bought at Target was a kids lunch bag at 70% off for $3.88.

  26. Just today I got a women’s Mossimo cami for $1!!! They were on clearance for 50% off, making if $4, and I had a $3 off coupon from the website. You are a genius!

  27. I bought 8 packs of Rose Art 24 count crayons for 25 cents each! I also picked up Sippy cups for my son today.

  28. Last thing I bought at Target was some preschool work- books from the $1.00 section for my little girl! 🙂

  29. I bought 15 plastic snap containers for my classroom. Since I bought them in the dorm area instead of the plastic ware aisle, they were $1.99 instead of $2.99 each (still a lot but needed), a ZIngo game, a ton of $ spot teacher supplies and a high-ho cherry game that was 70% off.


  30. The last thing I bought at Target was a shirt for my four-year-old son that says, “I love bacon!” because he always tells us that he is going to marry bacon instead of a girl, which is fine with me : ).

  31. Last thing I bought was a $15 printer cable I lost during my move 🙁 Thank goodness for coupons for everything else! 🙂

  32. The last thing I bought at target were 2 pair of converse shoes for my little tweenage sisters. 70% off — love it!!

  33. Today i bought 2 pairs on t5 toddler shorts $4 a piece and 1 pair for a 12month old shorts for $2.50.

  34. Shopped Target today, bought Up and Up TP and a new planner. Stuffed some $1 bills in my wallet on the way out the door to find out at the checkout I had the exact amount for the total! A complete God thing!!!

  35. I bought the Cottonelle toilet paper deal at Target – using 2 $2 Target coupons and 1 $1.50 manufacturer coupon – yay!

  36. Last thing i bought: 3 packs of Dr seuss flashcards (numbers, shapes, colors) from the dollar spot 🙂

  37. Couldn’t find any twizzlers at my Target 🙁

    But did get some great deals on clothes for my kids.

    Tennis shoes – 9.00
    Shorts – 2.00
    Shirts – 3.00
    and more!!

  38. The last thing I got at target was a fisher price toy for my baby he is turning 1 next week. It was 50% off !!! Love target!!

  39. I bought a ton of home items for my first apartment. It’s crazy how easy cleaning items and kitchen utensils add up!

  40. I bought a Xmas gift for my nephew, half off! Cars 2 action sets for $15 total, instead of 30. Woohoo 🙂 (picked up the tip from this site–thank you! 🙂

  41. I got a shooting game for 70% off that I am keeping for a Christmas gift for my son!

  42. I bought 7 tiki tumblers @ .10 cents each, 2 hawaiian themed notepads @ .10 cents each, chips/dip tray @ .99 cents, and 4 packs of silly straws,@ .10 cents each.

  43. Follow you on twitter & facebook~Last thing I bought~well it was lots of things! Travel supplies, Burts Bees products, a book, and of course B-Toys for my grandaughters Birthday. Can’t find them anywhere else~Great product!

  44. Last thing I bought at Target… a few patio solar lights that were $2 and does the job.

  45. I purchased some awesome baby items. I picked up a baby walker for 8.97. I also piked up seven pairs of shows for my family for less than 20.

  46. The last thing I bought at Target was the free vinegar! Ya I know it has been a while! LOL!

  47. I bought a beautiful yellow headband on clearance and a Kre-o Optimus Prime building set on clearance! Yeah!

  48. I bought a couple of tank tops on clearance. Love that Washington doesn’t “summer” weather till the summer clothes go on clearance =D

  49. I follow on Twitter – I also just signed on for your emails.
    At Target I purchased frozen fish – Market Pantry white fish @ 6.79 and some Van’s frozen waffles – 2 boxes @ 5.00. I had a friend with me and she headed straight to the shoe dept and bought like 5 pairs – all on sale. We had to go pick up the kids and not able to go back so I did no real bargins but did get great food.
    I had hardly shopped at Target before last few months — I have started seeing bullseyes everywhere — wow I think I am hooked —

  50. Have followed you since the beginning ! I’m a huge TARGET fan and REALLY appreciate your help in finding great deals ! Thanks for your hard work !

  51. Kids clothes ( always ! Never pay full price there ! ). Just moved to CA from WA and stocked up on summer clothing that will be worn all year round ! ;-))

  52. New to this site and I LOVE IT!!!
    Got a hot wheels bike at 70percent off rang up a little over $20

  53. 90% insulated tote for $1.99, 50% off birthday candles, and 30% off Huggies Hawaiian diapers!

  54. my husband now thinks I should be banned from Target – I go a couple times of week now – looooooove your facebook and website!

  55. The last thing I bought was diapers, milk (for my son), and a birthday present (diapers food, an outfit ($15.00 for $2.00), and a snack holder).

  56. Just found your blog yesturday….LOVE IT!
    Took my oldest son college dorm shopping last night and loaded up with lots of goodies: Microwave, printer, rug, towels, sheets, comforter set, you name it we bought it LOL. Now I have to work on general school supplies and clothing/shoes for a three kiddos.

  57. My last find at Target was some little pumched tin candle lanterns in the clearance area – got them all for my daughter’s wedding 🙂

  58. Summer stuff was gone, but I bought water balloons that were back in the dollar section!

  59. The last thing I purchased was reusable sandwich bags. They were $1.56 for 2 (originally $5.99), I got a pack of Hello Kitty & also Spiderman! Perfect for back to school 🙂

  60. The last thing I bought at Target was UP & UP Paper towels, Pull-UPS, an Icee for each of my children and a pretzel for them to split. I am constantly shopping at Target so I’m glad The Coupon Project posted a link to your FB page. 🙂

  61. Last trip to Target was a big one. Groceries, presents for my daughter’s 7th birthday and household items. Total was $165, after coupons and Target card discount…..$56!!! Thanks for all your help!

  62. I am a FB fan and recently bought 2 pairs of Capri pants for me and 2 pairs of shorts and 2 tees for my 7year old. And erasable pens for 2nd grade!!!

  63. I bought the free pens and free glade oil refills and a pack of printer paper for coupons and to help with the overage one of the coupons scanned.

  64. Birthday card was the mission, however, I did hit the 90% off summer clearance and came away with 2 plastic fruit containers, ice cube tray, & beverage dispenser! Thanks Omaha target! HUGE thanks to you and your GREAT website!

  65. Free bread with a Target coupon I got in the mail! (Our Target just got groceries so they are being VERY generous!)

  66. Last things I bought at Target are Comet stainless (free) and Purex Hand Sanitizer ($.99 after coupons)

  67. Hi christy!!! I loooove your blogs, thanks for all your hardwork to make our life easier. It is appreciated. Ok, last thing I bought was a summer water ball splashler 70% for $1.49, and my son loves it 🙂 oh, and frosting for .49

  68. A pair of dressy shoes – not on clearance but a good deal @ $15. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. The last thing I got at target was summer items for 10 cents each. Glow sticks, light up tops, note pads, and straws.

  70. I bought friday night, a cologate set for toddlers that came with the toothbrush/toothpaste for 1.98…

  71. I got the 10 SoBe Lifewaters for $10 and the $5 gift card at check out… Which I used to get my hubby a new free t-shirt with! 🙂

  72. I love ALLTHINGSTARGET! I check this site 3 or more times a day! I bought the .13 Twizzlers and while cruising the store for deals, I found the Glade expressions refills for 1.98 and there was the 2.00 coupon in last Sundays paper. I bought 8 yesterday. I have been in our local Silverdale Target everyday for 3 days! I also would like to day that we just moved here and the cashiers have become my buddies! I always try to leave them a nice comment card to help them when they have to work with me on my sometime long than usual checkouts! When you get a good cashier, Give them a compliment or fill out a comment card in their behalf. Also, when people ask you about your great deals, Share your resources. I have wrote the on peoples binders, hands, receipts and a box of diapers for people that have asked me about my secrets.

  73. I’m a subscriber; in fact I just took All Things Target off my favorites tab because I get an email from you everyday. Woohoo!

  74. The last thing I bought at Target was some socks (on clearance) for my daughter and a Leapfrog toy (also on clearance).

  75. A bunch of stuff using printable coupons and got to double some items. I got a Merona shirt for $3!! Really cute one, too!

  76. Thank you for the chance to win! Last Target item I purchased was a few bottle of spices on clearance for less than $5.

  77. The last thing I bought at Target was the .13 Twizzlers and .40 Lemonade stand sign. I <3 your page.

  78. I purchased a dual snow cone machine for $10.xx. We’ve been using it every day since I got it.

  79. I bought a utensil basket to use for an art basket at work. Was origionally 16.00, and I got it for $8.50. Great deal!

  80. I am a subscriber – LOVE the e-mails so much, I have recommended you to two sisters-in-law, my mom and my cousin. Now we all are subscribers!! Thanks for all the great information 🙂

  81. I got a FREE Mossimo skirt! clearanced as an online item return (but bought instore) priced at $2.68 and used their $3.00 off coupon for any mossimo apparel item. Yayy!!

  82. Last things I bought at Target…gift cards for weddings and graduation. 🙂

  83. Last thing I bought was adorable clearance baby shoes and school supplies! Love 70% clearance!!

  84. I bought the papermate pens for free to donate to my childrens elementary school. I still have about 40 packs that I got free last year.

  85. I bought my little guy some of the toys marked 70% off last week! He will be beyond excited when he sees them!

  86. The last thing I bought at Target was a set of Tinkerbell dolls I got 1/2 off! Yay!

  87. I’m a Facebook fan! Last thing I bought at Target were Polly Pockets for $.38. Fabulous!!!

  88. Scissors – 2 pack for $1 – being a 3rd grade teacher, you can never have enough good scissors!

  89. Love your site! Last thing I bought at target was yesterday I purchased two packs paper mate pens payed for .54, bought two pantene shampoos for .88, bought two danimals yogurt crunchers for 1.38 , two aquafresh pump toothpaste for -0.12, two Market pantry fruit snacks 10ct. for 1.38, two glade twin oil refills for 0.04, and two trident gum packs for 1.08. Regular price for all 33.51 and I only payed 5.18!

  90. I bought a ton of items from the summer clearance sale for my daughters birthday party including; note pads, stickers, plates, napkins, plastic table cloth, and yo-yo’s. I also picked up a new beach bag for us.

  91. Wish it was something fun or a great deal…but prescriptions for our family after being exposed to whooping cough was my last Target purchase!

  92. I scored on clearance 2 skirts, 3 blouses,glade scent holders,sneaker shoes for my girl(she sooo excited to go back to school) Awesome deals for under 10 bucks with coupons. NEVER EVER leave home without them.

  93. Last thing I bought was shorts for my daughter and shoes for my son. Neither on clearance but both on sale. Thanks for all the deals!

  94. It seems like I NEVER stop shopping there! I stopped by and got a pair of converse for my 5yr old, a pair of tennis shoes 4 my 1yr old and a pair for me…$20 all 70% off…

  95. Last Target purchase- ginger snap cookies and Dramamine (for my daughter who gets carsick on long drives!)

  96. Like you on Facebook as well 🙂 Sure appreciate all your work and time finding and sharing the deals!

  97. I bought a backpack for my daughter. Regular price $16, on sale for $13, $3 off coupon, I spent $10.

  98. I got Loreal true match foundation FREE! I love your site! Thanks for saving me a lot of money!

  99. $2.50 sandals 🙂 Love love love Target! Waiting for the big clearance, I rocked that last year.

  100. Free peroxide! 1st time got nething free lol! 2 pairs of shoes $2.88e
    I’m a subscriber.

  101. The last thing I bought at Target was a tub stopper. I LOVE your site/facebook! You make saving $ so easy! Thank you!

  102. Last time I was at Target I bought Hawaiian diapers on clearance & with a coupon. I then used them to make a really cool diaper wreath for a baby shower.

  103. The last thing I bought at Target was the Purell Hand Sanitizer for my daughter for $0.99 for back-to-school!

  104. Thanks to you, I just got free toothpaste for the kids, free pens for back to school and fruit snacks for$0.69.
    : )

  105. The last thing I bought was a pair of faux leather flats! They were $15.00 (no coupons at the time) but they had my size & they matched perfectly with a dress from Target that I bought a month and a half ago! Wearing it the 1st day of school!

  106. Last thing I bought were a cute pair of pink floral flats for $4.98! They are now my go to summer shoes!

  107. I went to Target on Sunday and got Cars 2 puzzle and vehicle pack for only $2.08!

    1. you lucky duck! I’ve been watching these closely at my target but they are still over $5. When they drop, I hope I’m as lucky as you!

  108. Pantene for .34!! I’m a college student and I’m saving up for back to school- No more last minute runs when I’m out of shampoo!!

  109. I have done all of the above and the last thing I bought at Target was my KIndle 🙂

  110. The last thing I bought at Target were little tin buckets out the dollar spot for my two son’s birthday party.

  111. I went in looking for the $.13 Twizzlers and came out with 3 dollar spot books and a bottle of wine =)

  112. I bought a towel wrap for after a shower. Didn’t get a good deal on it though. 🙁

  113. I got the converse sneakers (10.98) and a pair of sandals(4.98) you wrote about !! It was a great deal!! thanks for all the GREAT information.

  114. I just bought a Chicco baby toy today at 70% off! I was super excited since it was originally $50.

  115. I bought a Superman T-shirt for my son. It was 50% off. I almost bought it at 30% off, so I was especially glad to still find it at 50% off.

  116. I bought my 2 year old croc flip flops 70% off plus my 5%. He loves them

  117. I got pillows, a capt America shirt, toilet paper on sale with a $5 gift card, and a big assortment of groceries.

  118. Olay face cream to get rid of my fine lines! on clearance I may add…love your site.

  119. I bought a pair of shoes for my daughter for $5.38 and a backpack with the free lunchbox for my son last night!

  120. I buy so much at Target, can’t even remember the last thing I bought! Wait… I think it was Essie nail polish. Yep, pretty sure that was it.

  121. We bought a purple hippo pool that was clearanced for $9. It had been $29.99 originally!

  122. I got a Converse purse for $7.48 and a pair of tennis shoes for my daughter for $2.88

  123. I just bought a cute neon pink bangle watch from Target today (on clearance of course :). It’s a birthday gift for my sister.

  124. The last thing I bought at target were summer outdoor string lights 90% for $1.29!

  125. Target brand “packet foods” as I call them… the baby foods in a squeeze packet! Best thing ever and only target makes a store brand! Love love love!

  126. It was clothing for school for my daughter…was the last thing i bought at Target. Thank you for this opportunity!

  127. I just bought clearance shoes for my daughter (pink jellies!), shampoo, and a few dollar bin items. 🙂

  128. Bayer aspirin, Ziploc Sandwich bags,Granola Bars! Love, Love, Love Target! I also work downtown Seattle and can’t wait for the new Target to open!

  129. Oh, along w/the lights I bought a Bonus Set of Water Babies Sunscreen for .39 cents!! 90% off from $13.99 to 1.39 with $1 coupon! Great savings 🙂

  130. And now I’m a twitter follower 🙂 The other thing I bought was a Cars Lego set at 50% off

  131. And finally, I’m a subscriber 😉 Oh, and I bought a Transformer at 50% off also… love the July sale 🙂

  132. Rubbermaid water bottles, diapers, travel shampoo containers so I could shower at the gym (and then I came down with the plague), and probably a handful of things from the dollar section that I didn’t have the energy to say “no” to.

  133. Last thing I bought at Target was a cart full of baby items for our first baby due in 6 weeks. 🙂

  134. Last great deal was bogo head and shoulders!! Coupon rang up for max value of 9.49. Which means free!!!! Lol

  135. Facebook fan 🙂 I got my son an awesome bike helmet on clearance for $8.00 on Sunday 🙂

  136. Last thing I bought at Target was probably sunglasses for my daughter (on clearance, of course!)

  137. My last Target trip I got a couple shirts for myself for $3 each and a dress that was originally $50 for $12.

  138. I liked you on facebook. I am sorry but i do not do tweeter. I also signed for your news letter. Last thing I got at Target was clorox steel sink cleaner. Free after coupons

  139. I was just at Target and got $80 worth of stuff for $20. I was excited. I think my favorite part of that was the make-up I got on clearance.

  140. The last thing I bought was smirnoff and diet ocean spray cranberry energy drinks for $18.71.

  141. Congrats on reached 2500 facebook fans! I’m one of them! Looking forward on Thursdays’s toy sale. Last thing I bought from Target is 6 plates from summer sale. I remember I paid 17 cents each.

  142. I just sent a Target list with my dad to get us some glue sticks, pencils and Crayola colored pencils

  143. Bought a Doll at 70% off. normally 34.99, got it for $10.48. Christmas shopping is starting early! 🙂

  144. Heard about this site via BabyCheapskate and am excited to participate in my first Target Toy Clearance sale!! Thanks for the info!

  145. So glad I found you! Let’s see, shoes for my daugher $3.88 each and 2 pack of socks $1.18 each. My son is getting Paper Jamz guitar and drum set $7.48 each for his birthday. Oh yeah, Downy liquid 150 loads after my $1 coupon I paid $4.48. Great finds.

  146. The last thing I bought were up&up paper towels and I had a $1 off coupon from my mobile coupons.

  147. Just bought my son 3 Super Hero Little People Wheelies (Batman, Superman and Green Lantern) yesterday!

  148. Shopped the $1 bins and got water bottles and candy for the kids. Also, bought myself some earrings that matched my new dress perfectly!

  149. On Sunday, I took purchased several things at Target but my favorite deal was the $2 Mossimo tanks!

  150. The last thing I bought at target was an awesome night/day bottle cooler! It was slashed down to $6 from $20!

  151. I bought book bins for my classroom in the dollar section at Target!! Gotta love that section (as much as I like “All things Target”!). I’ve just passed your facebook site along to all my friends 🙂

  152. Last week, I bought 10 Tangerine Sobe’s on clearance for $0.52/ea, and got back a $5 gift card making them $0.20 total ($0.02/ea)!