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My Final Target 90% off Christmas Clearance Shopping Trip

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I had to go to Target last night for some storage items, but I couldn’t not check for Christmas clearance.  I wandered through the entire store looking for items left behind and I am so glad that I did, because I saw things like this:


I am pretty sure that everything has been salvaged now, so there are probably no more deals to be had.  Items will ring up “item not found” or at full price.  I just had to share what I found last night though, because I cannot believe how many good things I found at 8:00 at night on day 4 of the markdown. This goes to show that you can still find great deals days after the markdown happens. Check out what I found below.

Star Wars Glasses $1.99 (reg $19.99)

LED Mini Lights $.99 (reg $9.99)

Minted Christmas Cards $1.00 (reg $10.00) –  These are so pretty!

Opalhouse Gold Dot shower curtain $1.49 (reg $14.99)

Opalhouse White & Gold  shower curtain $1.49 (reg $14.99)

Trinket Dish $.49 (reg $4.99)

12 Harry Potter Socks $1.50 (reg $15.00) – I wanted to find these before Christmas and I couldn’t!

Hearth & Hand Milk & Cookies set $1.99 (reg $19.99) – I may have squealed with delight when I found this!

Hearth & Hand Spool Stand $.99 (reg $9.99) – One of my faves!  I haven’t seen this before, but it looked out of place so I scanned it.

3-pack Chapstick $.29 (reg $2.99)

Dixie Paper Plates $.29 (reg $2.99)

All of these beauty items I found were 70% off

Bliss The Real Peel Trio $2.39 (reg $7.99)

Bliss 5-pack Masks $2.99 (reg $9.99)

Love Beauty & Planet Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash $4.49 (reg $14.99)

Prep Body Scrub $.30 (reg $1.00)

Smackers Fruit Face Masks $.90 (reg $3.00)

I found these three items at a different store early in morning.

I can’t believe on day 4 I found the entire gold dot bathroom set at 2 different stores!!  Overall, it was an AMAZING Christmas clearance for me this year.  I hope you were happy with your purchases too!  Now we have the Valentine clearance to look forward too.  Keep an eye out, I am sure I will have lots of gift ideas to share using the 90% off clearance deals that I picked up.


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  1. You did fabulous this year! I went back Wednesday to look for forgotten deals, I found an entire box of tissue paper in a store cart, don’t know if they were going to put it out but I got it! Also several nice wreaths for 90% off. Men’s Christmas socks, lip balms, silk hibiscus (2), ready-to-plant basil and spruce trees, other things too! Love Target!

    1. I found National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Stitch boxer briefs for $1.49. Was happy about that because I bought the wrong size on Monday.

  2. I found an amazing amount of stuff at 90%. Overall, I made 6 shopping trips to three different Targets from December 31-January 3rd. Three of my trips were after work, and I was still able to find a ridiculous amount of stuff because of all the help I received from reading this blog–Thanks! I found four of the Hearth and Soup Tureens for $3.29 each (sitting under a table in that section which had otherwise been decimated), and two of the galvanized tubs for $3.99. I bought lots of Starbucks coffee at 70% ($4.48) because I would rather have it at that price then not at all, and I am glad, because at 90% there was not a shred of Christmas left at the Starbucks section. However, because of the help I have learned here, I got a Starbucks re-fillable mug for my husband’s January 5th birthday–hiding amongst the coffee mugs in the back. I gave it to him on the first and he has used it every day!

    As always, look all over the store for all future 90% shopping! On my last trip on the 3rd, the Wondershop was being dismantled by a dozen employees, so I wandered away. But I found what I think must have been about six re-shop carts that were sitting in a weird corner of the store, and I found so many items that I assume had been brought back by other customers and just thrown in the carts to be salvaged, and were never returned to the holiday section. I spent 30 minutes there just shopping among the carts…no one said a thing to me. I got 6 boxes of just the kind of lights I really wanted for $1.29 each..I am thrilled!

    I was really happy that I passed on three of the Farmhouses that I found sitting on an endcap…I just don’t need them. 10 years ago, but not now. I did ask three young women if they had young children and told them to go get one, and they ran and each got them…happy to share the wealth! They were so happy.

    I will try to post some photos, but here is the link to my youtube channel…it is called The Whole Shebang, and I had to make 5 videos to cover all the items I got! Link here:

  3. Hi! The Target Christmas clearance is my shopping Olympics, so this is very fun to read:) Question – do you think those gift items like the candles/ make up / etc will go 90% off? They might be 50-70% off now…

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