Still Finding 90% off Deals on Day 3 of Markdowns

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It’s the 3rd day of 90% off Christmas clearance and I cannot believe how much I am still finding!!  Are you finding more at your stores too?  I’d love to hear about your experience.  Make sure you check out my Instagram stories for even more photos, I found way more than I bought and I am sharing a bunch of photos over there.

I am only able to add photos right now because I have somewhere I need to be, but I can update later tonight with individual prices. I thought it was important to get the photos up sooner rather than later because these items may be salvaged tomorrow so tonight might be your last chance.

All of these items were 90% off.  I was thrilled about the Hearth & Hand stockings I found.

All the beauty sets were 70% off.

These gift items were 70% off, I thought they would be great to put with baby shower gifts.

m&ms were 70% off

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  1. Cool finds! I didn’t see anything, but then I saw how some had to ask them to look in the back for these items as they were never put out!

    Next year, I am going to be better prepared.

    Do the beauty items go below 70% or is that as low as it will go?

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