DIY Target Funds Bank with Free Printable

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Are you following All Things Target on Instagram? It’s such a fun way to check out some of Christy’s awesome Target finds. When I saw her share this coffee funds bank I thought two things: (1) I need this (2) I need this to say Target Funds. Well, problem solved.

You’ll need:

There are a few different bank designs. Don’t worry about the wording. Just pick a color/design you like.

Remove the back of the bank by sliding it out.

Lay the bank on a table with the front facing up. Carefully push the clear plastic down until it comes apart from the sides of the bank. It’s fine if it breaks apart since you won’t be needing it again.

Now you’ll want to get the new design printed. The type of transparency film you need depends on what kind of printer you’re using. I used this kind in my laser printer and had no problems with the ink smudging. If you don’t need a whole package of transparency film, see if your local print shop can print one for you.

Click here to find the free printable Target Funds sign. For best results, print it on the transparency film at a scale of 100%. The square should measure 5.25″ x 5.25″ when printed.

Cut the square out and slide it into the bank. Secure it to the sides with a thin line of hot glue.

Slide in the back of the bank and start filling it up!

If you want to create your own custom design simply create a 5.25″ square and put whatever text or image you like inside. Since I know I’m not the only Disney fan here, I also created a free printable Disney Funds sign. I can’t wait to make this one next!

– Free Printable Target Funds Sign –

– Free Printable Disney Funds Sign –

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