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Fall Charcuterie Board with Sahale Snacks

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I am addicted to making Charcuterie Boards!  Charcuterie Boards are perfect for the holidays, not only are they beautiful, but they serve a hungry crowd also.   I’m sharing a fun fall Charcuterie Board I made earlier this month, I plan on making another one for our Thanksgiving festivities and probably Christmas too.  Th Charcuterie Boards are so fun and easy to put together.  I’m sharing a few tips to help you make a crowd pleasing Charcuterie Board.

First up, you need to buy your supplies, here are items that work great on a Charcuterie Board:

The Sahale Snacks Nut Snack Mixes are a great option for your Charcuterie Board, with these nut mixes you can explore a new world of flavor this holiday season.  I used the Maple Pecans Glazed Mix and Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews Glazed Mix.  Both are delicious!  You will love the fact that Sahale Snacks are Non-GMO and certified gluten free.  They contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. You can find the Sahale Snacks Nut Mixes at your Target store, they are on sale in stores 2 for $7 through November 30th.

You will need to decide on a board or platter for your Charcuterie Board, you can choose a rectangular cutting board, a round platter or even a marble board with a handle.  Your options are endless, be creative!  I think one of the best things about making a Charcuterie Board is you can use supplies you already have around your house.  Of course if you want to get a cool new board, I’m not going to stop you!   I’m all about adding fun new supplies to my kitchen.

I chose a round 15 inch wooden rotating tray and I thought it was perfect for my design.  It was large enough to fit four bowls and some decor and it gave me the flexibility to add a nice variety of food.   Start by placing the bowls that will hold your Sahale Snack mixes and Antipasto, add a few decor items onto your board that will fit the theme of the holiday.  You don’t have to follow a theme, but I thought with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up it’s would be fun to add a little flair.  I thought the mini pumpkins and fall leaves were a perfect addition for my fall board.  

Once the bowls and decorative items are in place, add cheeses, crackers and meats.  Next, fill in the spaces with fruit and candies.   Finish it off with some final decor items like leaves, wheat and herbs around the perimeter.

How gorgeous is the final product?  I love how it turned out!  I wanted to tell my guests they aren’t allowed to eat it, they can only stare at it.  I’m only kidding!  A Charcuterie board really is a fun and gorgeous way to serve your family and friends.  You really want to think of your Charcuterie Board as a centerpiece, an edible centerpiece.

I like to have extra food prepped and ready to go so I can easily refill the tray when necessary.

Here are some things to keep in mind when putting together a Charcuterie Board.  First, make sure you have a variety of colors and textures that will make the board visually pleasing.   Make the meat and cheese selections diverse so there is something for everyone.  Cut cheese into bite-sized triangles, sticks or cubes.  If you are serving a soft cheese, don’t forget to include a spreader.  When serving grapes, use scissors to cut the stems into small clusters that are perfect for one person. 

You can swing by Target to pick up the supplies for your holiday Charcuterie Board.  Don’t forget the Sahale Snack mixes are on sale at Target stores 2 for $7.   These nut mixes will take your Charcuterie Board to the next level.

Of course the Sahale Snacks are great straight out of the bag too.   Make sure you try all of the great flavors available at Target:

  • Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews
  • Sahale Maple Pecans Glazed Mix
  • Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Flavored Pistachios

Happy creating!  If you make a Charcuterie Board I’d love to see it.

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