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DIY Monogrammed Wet-Dry Bags

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The designs on these wet-dry bags I found in Bullseye’s Playground are way too cute! I thought it would be fun to monogram them and give them to the kiddos for our summer adventures. I love making decals with my electronic cutter, but I wanted to show you how you can create vinyl monograms even without a fancy machine.

You’ll need:

Adhesive vinyl can be found at your local craft store or ordered from Amazon. It is usually sold in sheets or rolls.

The easiest way to create your monogram is to use an online monogram generator. You can find the one I used here. Design your monogram and save it to your computer as an image. Flip it so the monogram is reversed, and print it on a sheet of white paper however big you’d like.

Use a pencil to mark over the back side of the monogram.

Put the sheet of adhesive vinyl down, with the back side facing you. Place the monogram paper over it with the printed monogram facing you. Trace over the monogram letters with a pencil. Taping everything down really helps in this step.

You should be able to see the light outline of the monogram on the back of the adhesive vinyl sheet when you’re done.

Use a craft knife and/or scissors to cut out the monogram.

You can transfer each letter individually to the bag, but it’s a lot easier to use transfer paper or clear contact paper.

That’s all it takes! Now you can monogram all the things…even without a fancy cutter!

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