DIY Jewelry Dish

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DIY Jewelry Dish with $1.99 bowl from Target

I’m so excited to show you how to make this personalized jewelry dish! It’s crazy easy and takes less than five minutes to make. You can personalize it with your name, a simple word, or even your favorite saying.

You’ll need:

DIY Jewelry Dish

The dish I’m using is actually a dip bowl I found at Target.

DIY Jewelry Dish

Look for the rub on transfers in the Halloween section of Bullseye’s Playground. They don’t look Halloween-ish and they’re only a dollar.

DIY Jewelry Dish

Cut the letters you need from the sheet.

DIY Jewelry Dish

Take the liner sheet off the back of each letter. One letter at a time, place it on the dish and rub the top with the wooden craft stick. Peel off the rub on sheet once the letter has been transferred.

DIY Jewelry Dish

Continue with the rest of the letters.

DIY Jewelry Dish

A pretty thing to hold more pretty things! It’s just the right size for holding a few special pieces of jewelry.


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  1. Love how this turned out! I tried it but had a few problems with the last few letters not rubbing on very well. I’m thinking it would be best to put some kind of coating over the letters so it doesn’t wear off. I was able to scratch the letters off with my nail so imagine if jewelry is constantly scraping against the lettering. Overall fantastic idea – I am making several of these for girlfriends who are recently engaged and putting “Mrs. _______”

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback! I love the idea of making these for engagement gifts. I think you could easily spray them with a finish to keep the letters from rubbing off.

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