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DIY Fabric Covered Wood Tray

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I think about bringing home this wood tray nearly every time I go to Target. I just couldn’t settle on what to do with it. Should I paint it? Stencil it? Decoupage it? I tried something a little different by decoupaging with fabric. It was definitely the right call because I ended up with this gorgeous try that I love! Want the same look? Grab your supplies and let’s make it!

You’ll need:

Hand Made Modern wood pieces are really easy to work with since they’re already sanded smooth.

Grab some wood stain and stain everything but the inside of the tray since it’s going to be covered anyway. Let it dry.

Cut your fabric so that it fits nicely inside the tray. A rotary cutter and metal ruler is really helpful for this, but a sharp pair of scissors will also do.

Starting at one end of the tray, brush Mod Podge onto the tray and lay the fabric on top. Do this in sections so you can adjust the fabric as you go. Once all the fabric is adhered to the tray let it dry completely.

Then brush a layer of Mod Podge over the fabric to help protect it. Don’t overdo it with the Mod Podge. One layer should be enough. I used matte Mod Podge, but you could use whichever formula you like.

Give the Mod Podge plenty of time to dry, then seal your entire tray with clear acrylic sealer.

I’ve been holding onto this piece of vintage fabric for a while. It looks like I finally found the right place for it on this wooden tray.

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