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Cookies for Santa DIY With Free Cut File

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I was thrilled when Target started carrying Cricut supplies in the craft aisle. Add in the magic that is Target’s curbside pickup and my Christmas crafting is in full swing! I created a simple cut file to share so that you too can make this adorable Cookies for Santa plate and cup set.

You’ll need:

Now I love those gorgeous ceramic milk and cookie sets as much as the next mom. The thing is that I have two boys who want to do everything themselves, and they’re not what I would call careful. So to avoid tears and broken dishes, I headed straight for these plastic plates and cups by Pillowfort. They’re sturdy, inexpensive, and most importantly not easily breakable.

You’ll cut the words and Santa outline on white permanent adhesive vinyl. Cut the Santa design from red permanent adhesive vinyl. Once cut, weed the part of the design you don’t need. Cut a piece of vinyl transfer tape or clear shelf liner slightly larger then your design. I actually prefer the shelf liner because I feel like the tackiness is just right.

Lets start with the milk cup first. Place the clear transfer piece over the red Santa vinyl. Smooth it out with a scrapper or card (giftcards work really well for this).

The red Santa should peel easily off the backing and be sticking to the transfer tape instead.

Carefully, center the red Santa over the white outline. Go over it with the card again then remove it from the backing.

Place it over the lowercase S on the cup. Smooth it out then remove the transfer tape.

You’ll repeat the same vinyl transferring process for the cookie plate.

Pickup the vinyl with the transfer tape.

Center the text along the edge of the plate.

Smooth it out then remove the transfer tape.

This milk and cookies set is so sweet and truly kid friendly. My kids will be excited to leave Santa his favorite cookies and pour him a yummy cup of milk on Christmas Eve.

A bonus for me is that I don’t have to find a special place to store it all year where it won’t get lost or broken. I’ll just package it up with the rest of our Christmas decor and it’ll be ready when I need it next year. Hooray!

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