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DIY Colorful Yarn Wall Hanging

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I didn’t walk into Target expecting to find yarn, but it’s always a nice surprise when they add new products to their line of Hand Made Modern craft supplies. Have you seen the Hand Made Modern yarn at your Target? The colors are gorgeous! Follow along while we create a yarn wall hanging that’ll bring a beautiful pop of color to any wall.

You’ll need:

I love this yarn because I get lots of variety out of just one skein. Each skein of the multicolored yarn has five shades that compliment each other perfectly.

Decide on how long you want your wall hanging to be. Cut a string of yarn double the length, plus a couple more inches. Continue cutting pieces of yarn until you reach the next color. I used the first three colors of yarn in the skein, but use whatever combo works for you.

Tying the yarn to the wood dowel is so very simple. First, fold the yarn in half and put the loop underneath the wood dowel.

Grab the ends of the yarn. Move them up and over the dowel, then pull them through the loop.

Pull the ends to tighten.

Keep repeating with each piece of yarn.

You might have noticed I’m kind of working upside down here. I think it helps to keep the yarn out of my way while I tie each new piece.

Once you get the hang of it, it goes very quickly. We’re almost done!

You can take a pair of sharp scissors and even out the bottom however you’d like. A ruler and rotary cutter makes things much easier though.

Grab a colorful piece of string (or even a piece of yarn) and tie it to each side of the dowel to hang.

I love the colors and how easily it comes together. This would make such a great craft for kids too! There is enough yarn and plenty of wood dowels in a pack to make a few yarn wall hangings at once.

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