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Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Sticks (Dries in 90 Seconds!)

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Kwik Stix paint sticks now available at Target

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint sticks take the mess out of painting while keeping all the fun!  The Kwik Stix are non-toxic and quick and easy to use.   Your kids will be painting in no time and without a huge mess!


Using the paint sticks is easy, you simply uncap, twist, and paint!  There is no need for messy paint cups, brushes or water.  You don’t even need to put on paint smocks or aprons.


I love that the colors are bright, vibrant and they won’t fade or crack.   Kwik Stix work great on several different surfaces like paper, posterboard, cardboard, wood, and canvas.


One of the coolest thing about Kwik Stix is they are made with a fast drying formula that helps them to dry in 90 seconds.   90 seconds drying time is amazing!!  Because of the quick drying time you can easily stack your kids artwork in a pile, no need to wait hours for them to dry.


Everyone at our house enjoyed playing with the Kwik Stix, adults, teens and kids.   They were so much fun and the fact that they are not at all messy his a huge plus in my book.


You can pick up 6-packs of Kwik Stix Paint Sticks at Target.   The 6-packs come in either Primary or Metallic colors.  The metallic colors really do have a shimmer to them.  Super cool!


These 6-packs retail around $5-$6 and can be found in the arts and crafts section at your local Target store.    They also have the Kwik Stix® Tempera Painting Kit (12 Classic Colors) for $11.99 at Target.com + they ship for FREE (through 1/1/17).


I think these would make a great gift for your kids.  I love giving gifts that are creative, fun or gets the kids thinking.  Give them a pack of printer paper or cardstock and a couple of packs of the Kwik Stix and they will have so much fun.  I seriously love these and I already have plans to give some to my nephews for Christmas.

Hang kids artwork

Once your kids have painted their masterpieces with the Kwik Stix, you can display their artwork with this quick and easy artwork display frame.   Simply take a frame (9×12 or larger) and take out the glass and replace with a galvanized steel sheet (you can find these at any hardware store).


Add a magnet to the back of a clothespin so you can easily add and change your child’s artwork whenever you want.


I love the way the way the artwork turns out with the Kwik Stix, they really are super cool and I highly recommend them. Kwik Stix are recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, my kiddos would love these! I wasn’t able to find them in my target store and I looked down every aisle in art/crafts, supplies, pens, you name it, but it’s nice to know I can order online.

    1. Hi Jodi,

      They just hit Target stores November 1st, so there is a chance your store didn’t get them put out yet. I’d keep checking back (or use the option to order online). They are so much fun! We are super please with them.

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