Convenient Lighting Solutions with Mr Beams (Available at Target)

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If your home is like ours there are certain areas that are in need of some lighting.  We have a couple of places where we could use some lighting, but that would require major work to bring electricity to the area or into the ceiling.  I was pleased to hear about Mr Beams LED lights that require no wiring.  They are motion sensing, battery powered and weatherproof, which makes them perfect for any place you need them.  Here are a few places that may require lighting around your home:

  • Closet
  • Pantry
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Outdoor Walkway
  • Shed
  • Fire Pit Area

Mr Beams Ceiling Light & Stick Anywhere Light

I installed several of the Mr Beams lights around my house to solve some of our lighting problems. I will share a couple of them with you.   I used the Ceiling Light in our hall closet.


During the day we get lots of light in the closet, but come night time we can’t see much of anything.   The light in the hall is no where near this closet.   I have wanted to add a light in the closet for awhile.  It has been on my husbands Honey Do List for a long time, but sadly other things always pop up that were more important (or less time consuming).

Closet with Mr. Beams light

Mr Beams to the rescue!   My son easily installed the light at the top of the closet and we now can see everything at night.   I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.    It seems like a silly thing, but light changes everything.   Not only do we have light in our closet, but it is convenient too.   The light only activates in the dark, so as soon as it senses movement when we open the door the light comes on.  It’s brilliant!

Mr Beams Spotlights

We used both the Mr Beams LED UltraBright Spotlight and LED Spotlight in our shed where there is no electricity.    We are attaching the LED Spotlight on the outside above the doors and the LED UltraBright Spotlight inside the shed.


We love having this shed to store our yard tools, lawn mower, outdoor activities, camping chairs and the really important stuff…our S’mores roasting sticks.    With no power in the shed it makes it extremely difficult to add lighting.   This is one project my husband has wanted to do but has been dragging his feet (just like that closet light).

Inside Shed

Once again, during the day we get enough light because of the  windows, but at night we have to grab a flashlight anytime we want to get something out of the shed.   (I think I may need to add organizing the shed to the Honey Do List.)

Mr Beams light inside shed

Thanks to Mr Beams we no longer need a flashlight to grab those camping chairs and all important marshmallow roasting sticks.  Seriously, these Mr Beams lights have solved lighting problems we have had around our house for awhile and just never got around to doing something about it.   Mr Beams lights are convenient to install and the fact that no wiring is needed is a HUGE plus.   They are equipped with LEDs that have a 20-year life, so they will last a very long time.   I highly recommend these lights for anywhere you may need extra lighting.   I am totally impressed with the amount of light they provide.

Mr Beams at Target

You can find the Mr Beams products at your local Target store.  I found mine in the home improvement department on the aisle with the smoke detectors. They were the next aisle over from the aisle with the standard light bulbs.    You can order Mr Beams products online at and pick them up in-store too.

This post was sponsored by Mr Beams, I was compensated for sharing this information with you.   All thoughts and opinions are my own and honest and true.   I really do love these lights!

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  1. what kind and how many batteries did these use? How long have you had them installed? I. Just wonder how fast they go through batteries.

    1. The batteries vary by which light you have, the Stick Anywhere light takes 4 AA and the other lights take either 4 C or 4 D batteries. I haven’t had them up very long, a little less than a week, but I don’t expect them to drain the batteries because they only operate in the dark when there is movement. They won’t come on during the day. According the the information on their website the batteries in the LED Spotlight should last up to one year if you use Alkaline batteries.

  2. We have a Mr. Beams outside our back door. It’s great, not a lot of light, but enough to see the keyhole in the door! Plus, we’ve had the same D batteries in it for over 2 years!

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