Freshpet Natural Pet Food Available at Target

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freshpet bag

Freshpet is America’s first dry dog food made with 100% fresh chicken or turkey.  It is free of all processed meals and is only available at Target and

Bailey dog

We recently became dog owners and we are learning all the ins and outs of owning a dog.   One of the things we have learned that is very important is the quality of the food we feed her.   I was pleased to learn about the Freshpet dog food that can be found at Target stores.   I’m at Target on a regular basis and it’s great to know that I can find quality dog food there and not have to make an extra stop at the pet store.   I can get everything for my dog and my family in one stop.

Freshpet and Bailey
I think it’s kind of cute that the bag of food is even bigger than her.   One of the things I like about the Freshpet dog food is that it works for all sizes and ages of dogs.   There is a convenient chart on the back of the bag with the feeding guidelines.   Check out how Freshpet makes their natural pet food fresh, with the following methods and ingredients.

100% Fresh Poultry: Freshpet only uses fresh poultry instead of chicken meal. The chicken is never pre-cooked or frozen.

Prepared Fresh: Their ingredients are cooked at lower temperatures to retain essential nutrients. They add real superfoods you can actually see.

Real Honest Food: The Freshpet recipes are so simple, they put them right on the front of the bag. Plus, each bag comes with a “freshly made on date” so you know exactly when it was made.

Petfresh dry dog food

Freshpet uses 100% fresh meats, they are never pre-processed or overcooked. Plus, they add fruits and veggies you can actually see in the bowl.   You can definitely see the quality of the pet food, I was impressed!

Bailey eating Freshpet

Our dog Bailey loved the food.   She gobbled it right up!   You can see she’s even licking her lips in anticipation.

IMG_3729 (2)

You can pick up Freshpet at your local Target store, or you can buy Freshpet online at  Freshpet is one of the “Made to Matter” brands at Target which means they are company that is socially responsible and mindful of wellness.

You can stay up-to-date and follow Freshpet on Facebook and Twitter.

This post was sponsored by Freshpet.   All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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