Christmas Advent Activity Calendar

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Every year we have an Advent Activity Calendar where we plan a holiday activity that helps us focus on our family during the holidays. It can be something as simple as read a Christmas story or elaborate as get dressed up and go see the Nutcracker (me teenage boys were thrilled with that one). The activities are a combination of fun, meaningful and service oriented activities.

In previous years, I used this for our Advent Activity Calendar, but it broke last year and I was looking for something to replace it. Last year I picked up the Threshold Countdown Garland that was priced at only $12.99. I thought it was a great deal!  We’re using it again this year!

When planning I break them up into things that need to e planned in advance, things that require some effort and those that require little effort. The ones that require planning are usually events I already have on our calendar or things that will be done on weekends when we have more time. I save the items with little effort for the busy school nights.  Here is a list of some activities we’ll be doing this December.  Every list will be different for every family, but I hope this gives you some inspiration for some activities12.

Planned in advance

  • Go to Snowflake Lane
  • Go to church Christmas party
  • See the new Star Wars movie
  • Go to family Christmas party
  • Go to Goodwill, everybody buys an ugly Christmas sweater and we take a family picture
  • Visit Bellevue Nativity

Requires some effort

  • Make chocolate covered Pretzels
  • Do a service for another family
  • Bring food to the food bank
  • Get names of the giving tree and buy gifts
  • Bake cookies for neighbors
  • Decorate Gingerbread houses
  • Bake Gingerbread cupcakes
  • Make ornaments

Little effort required

  • Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  • Drink hot chocolate by the Christmas tree
  • Share your favorite Christmas memory
  • Family Game night
  • Watch a Christmas movie with treats (kids choice)
  • Watch a Christmas movie with treats (parents choice)
  • Call Grandma & Grandpa
  • Read the Christmas story in the scriptures
  • Sing our favorite Christmas songs
  • Write a Christmas letter to someone

You can write out or print your list on paper, roll them up and tie with ribbon.   Slip each rolled up paper into the stockings.  You are all set to have a fun filled holiday with lots of family fun.  These garlands would be great for this type of Advent Activity Calendar:

Threshold Village Countdown Felt Garland

Wondershop Garland Felt Mitten Countdown to Christmas Sign

Fabric Wall Banner Advent Calendar with Tassels 

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  1. With 2 working parents with kids at least 20 of the 25 will need to be the little effort variety! Its a great idea!

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