Back-to-School Supply Price List + Target Deals

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I have created a School Supply Price list in a Google Doc, so you can take it to the store with you when you shop.    This list will tell you what the lowest prices are for items that are on your back-to-school shopping list.    Each week I will highlight the deals at Target that meet or beat the prices on this list.

I expect the school supply deals to be in full swing next week, but there are a couple of deals that are worth mentioning this week:

Purell Hand Sanitizer (8 oz) $2.89 (prices vary by location)
$1/1 Purell Target Printable coupon (personal care)
$1/1 printable coupon
Final Price = $ .89 each

Crayola Colored Pencils $ .99  (this price shows up more than once, so no rush)

Crayola Classic Markers $ .99 (I usually wait for Washable to go on sale)

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  1. I new to couponing at Target, so I guess I’m confused, I can use an Up & Up coupon with the Purell coupon together to get $2.00 off on Purell hand sanitizer?

  2. @Rachelle Sorry about that, I had a typo, it should have read “Purell Target printable coupon” instead of “Up & Up Target printable coupon”. You can use one Target store coupon and one manufacturer coupon on the same item. Hope that helps!

    1. Totally helps, thank you so much for all that you do. I teach to very low income students who often don’t have school supplies, so I have to do my own stocking up! One of my co-workers and I decided this summer we would figure out how to coupon and really save money, it’s been so much fun going to the stores and checking out the deals and seeing that final price at the register. Our goal is to collect quite a few snacks that kids like so we can provide them to our students after school when they stay for tutoring or when I have practice with my drama club students. Can you tell me, will I start seeing really good deals for things like fruit snacks, drink boxes, etc..lunch box type things as school approaches closer? Is that probably the best time to stock up?

      1. What a nice thing for you to do Rachelle! I agree, saving money is fun! You will see snacks and drink boxes start to go on sale probably about 2 weeks before school starts. These are things that you can also find on sale year round if you pair a coupon with a sale price.

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