Target Favorite Finds of the Week

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I spend a lot of time in Target scoping out the deals, shooting photos and content for Instagram and just doing my own shopping.  I thought it would be fun to share with you some items I found at Target this week that I am loving!

This Hearth and Hand Rainbow Stacker is the cutest!  It is priced at only $9.99, but it’s kind of hard to find.  I’m guessing the shipments were late and they are just now starting to show up in stores.  It does pop up online every once in awhile on but it sells out super quick.  I actually bought this as a decor piece for my office.  If I have any little kids visiting my house I’ll also have a toy on hand for entertainment.  You can check out out Instagram reel to see the toy in action.

I saw this Jacquard Print Olivia Shoulder bag and instantly fell in love!  I’ll be using it as a weekender bag.   We are taking more weekend trips then longer vacations right now, so it will come in handy.  They even have a cute matching wallet too.

I finally got to see the new Hearth and Hand Footed Stands in person and they are gorgeous!  They come in three different sizes, but I’ve only seen the smallest and largest in stock so far (both online and at my store).  I highly recommend these!  They are super sturdy and work great for lots of things.

Lastly, I wanted to share a clearance deal I spotted this week that I am loving.  I picked up these Makeup Revolution face masks for 70% off.  I picked one up earlier and I finally got around to using it and I loved it.  I was excited to see more of them, so I picked some up for gifts.  These were priced at only $3.30 (reg $11).  Check your stores too!  I know the beauty department has a ton of clearance right now because they are expecting lots of new merchandise on January 30th.  These clearance deals are only valid in stores.

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