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More Readers 90% off Halloween Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

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Once again We are sharing some terrific photos of readers 90% Halloween clearance finds (food was 70% off).  Please continue to share your super clearance finds with us.


Heather was able to grab a ton of stuff for Operation Christmas child!  I love the Snoopy Dogs!


Laura found a bunch of plastic cups, plates, facial tissues. I haven’t seen those plastic cups before, so that gives us something else to look for.   She lucked out and found some of the Halloween Hot Wheels cars.


Ashley did great and only paid $19 for her haul.


Terra scooped up some great items, including super cute Halloween stuffed animals, pj’s, a dress, pet toys & more.

light up trees

Wendy picked up these really cool light up trees (and more).  She plans on using the maples to decorate for Thanksgiving.


I love the Haunted House globe Wendy found, she also grabbed some cups for her family.


Check out all of the items Chevonne was able find.


Melissa spotted some washi tape in the regular section.    This is something new I haven’t heard about either!


Check out all the cool nail polish Pam snatched up at her store.  Looks like she got some nice deals on candy as well.   It looks like there is some Jones soda in there too.


I absolutely LOVE this pet costume Sara found for her dog Maya for next year.  She paid only $.69!  SCORE!

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. Yes! The washi tape! I bought a bunch at 70% off (60 cents/roll) – they usually have Christmas/holiday ones as well. I love looking at everyone’s hauls – nicely done, everyone!!!!!

  2. I got one of the trees also. Can’t beat $6! We are using it as our “thankful tree.” I have cut out leaves with my cricut and will be writing things we are thankful for on them. We will hang them on the tree when we are done. 🙂 I should have taken a picture of my haul before packing it all up.. I got a ton of stuff at 70% off and even more at 90%. Spent $71 on things that were 90% off, so I saved tons! Lots of garland, lights, costumes, etc.

  3. Weird. I found the Hot Wheels in the regular section…the name of the pack was “Monster” something and they were the exact same cars (with the skeleton looking one) that I saw at 50% off (and passed on at that price), but they scanned full price at my store. I scanned a few of them and they were all full price! Odd.

    1. If that happens, it pays to ask an employee to scan them for you! When they scan it the scanner tells the employee if the item is seasonal or not, and if it is, they’ll likely tell you to that it should be 90% off. I had that happen on some dog toys that were definitely “halloween” items but were ringing up full price- I just talked to an employee and they told me to tell the cashier to ring them up at 90% off 🙂 This happened at two different target stores, so I don’t think it was a fluke!

  4. Halloween salvaged here in Indy! Found lots of stuff in regular aisles but didn’t feel like arguing to get the pricing…….(Indianapolis, IN)

  5. Halloween salvaged here in So. FL also. SO much candy was boxed up and I also found items in regular depts but they rang up “item not found”. Took a couple t shirts up to customer service, however, they would not give them to me for the 90% off.

  6. First. I noticed there are different clearance days in Target in my town. Toys are marked down probably on Sunday so it goes on clearance on Monday. But they did not put anything on clearance for more then a weak since last Friday 10.31.14.
    Do you have the same situation in your town?

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