Target Christmas Clearance 2017

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I always love shopping the Target Christmas clearance. It’s so much fun seeing all the great deals you can find at 70% and 90% off.  The great thing about the Christmas clearance at Target is the fact that many of the items on clearance aren’t really Christmas themed at all.  You can find home paper products, beauty products, home decor items and even furniture as part of the Christmas clearance.

A great way to know if an items is part of the Christmas clearance is to scan the item (above is an example from last year).  If the item is 50% or 70% off you can tell by the last number in the price if it is part of the seasonal/Christmas clearance or if it is part of the regular department clearance.  If it is part of the regular department clearance it should have a clearance sticker and the last number should end in an 8.  If is is part of the Christmas clearance it will end in number other than an 8 (often times it’s a 9 or 0).  Anything that is part of the Christmas clearance will follow the 50%, 70% and 90% off clearance schedule and will not have the clearance stickers.  Because there are no clearance stickers, you will need to know what items to watch for.

Here is my favorite Christmas clearance find from last year!  This marble and gold table cost me only $8.99!!  The regular price was $89.99. If Target does the same thing this year, you should be able to find some home decor lines marked down with the Christmas items. I am sharing links to the Christmas lines at Target.com so you can get a peek at the items to know what to watch for when you head to the store. These items WILL NOT have clearance stickers on them.

Here are the dates the markdowns took place last year.   This will give us a good idea of when they may happen this year.

  • 50% off (food & beauty 30% off) – 12/26/16
  • 70% off  (food & beauty 50% off) – 12/29/16
  • 90% off (food & beauty 70% off) –  1/2/17

Check out all of the Christmas decor collections from this year, these include furniture, blankets, mirrors, candleholders and more.

Fireside collection

Gold Lux Lodge collection

Merriment and Silver collection

Here are some other Christmas collection, most of these are all Christmas themed, but you can check them out too:

We’ll head to Target bright and early Tuesday morning to share more Christmas clearance deals with you (we’re on the West coast, so it may not be bright and early for some of you).  I’m kind of hoping that the Magnolia Hearth & Hand collection will be part of the Christmas clearance (this is probably wishful thinking).   We will have to wait and see!   We can’t wait to show you the great deals we find and to see all the clearance deals you all score.  Make sure you follow along on the All Things Target Facebook page.   We have tons of readers that share their great deals so you can see even more of the Christmas clearance hidden deals.   Christmas clearance and then the big toy clearance, the end of December and January are my favorite times to shop at Target.

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  1. That 8.99 marble table was my favorite find too! I have two, and they are night stands in my guest room. I desperately wanted a third as a side table by the chair in that room, but it sold out fast at that price.

    1. Did you find the tables at the store or online? I moved to a different state a few years ago and seems like this new state (Colorado) really limits the seasonal clearance items. I’m starting over and could really use some of that furniture for cheap!

  2. last year all christmas items at our target in bridgeport, wv were 90% starting at 9 a.m. on Dec. 26th. By 7p.m. there was nothing left but a few total junk items. There was no 50% or 75% , they went right to 90% so it must be store manager decision.

  3. Beware price discrepancies between the app and in-store. I scanned using the in-store scanner and they were cheaper than when I scanned with my Target app but of course rang up cheaper at the register so no problem there.

  4. Curious about the lamp in the (The first picture)… did anyone try this out at the scanner or register yet? A store about a hour away has them and I wanna know if it’s worth the drive. It’s the Crosby floor lamp.

    1. I don’t think anyone has found that lamp scanning at clearance price. Also, I think by today all the Christmas clearance will be salvaged so most of the items will now be ringing up “item not found”.

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