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Reader Found Toys Marked Down to 70% off Today (Wednesday)

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Reader Jessica stopped by her Target in Memphis, TN and found the employees marking down the toys to 70% off.  Check out all the great deals she found!   There are a few stores that do markdowns on the toy department on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. It helps to get familiar with your store to know what day they do markdowns.  I don’t believe the majority of the stores will do the markdown today (I have heard from tons of people who said there was no markdown at their store).

So, if you know for a fact that your store marks down on Wednesdays today would be a great day to check.  Since Jessica found all of these toys marked down today it leads me to believe the BIG markdown will take place tomorrow Thursday, July 30th for the majority of us.

If you head to your store today, I would love to hear what you find!

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  1. Will it be a certain time that they will mark down or will they have already been marked before they open the store?

    1. It really varies from store to store. Some stores have everything marked down when the doors open and others start marking them down sometime in the morning. I would probably head to the store when they open just to check things out.

  2. If you have’t made it out and are wondering, they 50 – 70% off toy clearance is happening now. I asked one employee if it had been crazy and she said it had been a little. She then came over to my basket and offered to check everything in it to make sure it was the correct price. Love target.

  3. I went to my Target at 11:00am and everything was already marked down to 70%, except few toys. The signs still says 30% and 50%, maybe that is why there are still a lot of toys in the aisles and end caps.

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