The Difference Between Price Matching & Price Adjustments

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This time of year, we hear a lot about price matching and price adjustments, often time there is some confusion between these two things.  Here is the difference between the two:

Price Matching – A store will MATCH the sale price of another store.   Here is an example: Let’s say Target has the Disney Brave DVD priced at $19.99.   You see in a Walmart ad that they are selling the Brave DVD for only $14.99.   You would take the Walmart ad to Target and they will MATCH the Warmart price of $14.99.   You will end up paying only $14.99 for the Brave DVD at Target

Target’s price matching policy does have lots of exclusions, so make sure you familiar yourself with all of them HERE.

Price Adjustments – A store will ADJUST the price on a previously bought item to match their current sale price. Let’s use a Disney Brave DVD in this example too.   Say you bought the Disney Brave DVD on Saturday at Target for $19.99.   You noticed that in the upcoming ad the Brave DVD is going to be priced at only $10.   You will need to take your receipt to Target (no need to bring the product) and ask for a price adjustment.   They will give you $9.99 back, which is the difference between what you originally paid and the new sale price.

Price Adjustment’s at Target need to take place within the same week, or the week following purchase as per their website:

Price Adjustment Policy
Target’s Price Adjustment policy assures guests receive the best value. If a guest purchases an item at Target, but sees it advertised by Target at a lower price during the same week of the purchase, or the week following the purchase date, the guest can bring the original receipt to the Guest Service desk and receive a price adjustment.

Target does not offer price matching during the Black Friday sale, but they have however offered price adjustments during the sale in previous years.  I have received price adjustments on a few products during Black Friday sales the last five years in a row.

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  1. I thought I saw on the Target commercial or somewhere they will do a price adjustment up thru Dec. 24th on anything you buy between now and then….did you hear that too? Thanks!!!

  2. I just visited my local Target and was told they would combine price matching and price adjusting til Dec 24th. I specifically asked using my Brave Dvd/BluRay purchase, which I bought for $15 yesterday. They said if they (Target) offer it cheaper before Dec 24, they will refund the difference. ALSO if I find somewhere else like Best Buy offering it cheaper before Dec 24 and I bring the current sale ad, they will refund me the difference!
    I was pretty excited.

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