Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here are the clearance items I found at the Federal Way, WA store on Wednesday.   Clearance deals will vary by location, so you may not find the same deals at your store.

clear patio

Pretty much all of the patio furniture was marked down to 50% off.

clear patio 2

clear patio 3

Umbrellas and more also 50% off.

clear patio 4

Planters were marked down to 50% off, this is just a few of them, there was actually a whole aisle.

clear bella

Bella Waffle Stick Makers and more were 50% off and priced at $9.98.

clear waffle cups

Waffle Ice Cream cups were also 50% off and priced $9.98.

clear gem pops

Gem pops book and popsicle molds were $9.98 (50% off).

clear kids

clear kids 2

clear kids 3

Kids plastic ware is 50% off. The super cute divided trays are only $1.98.

kids bedding

Kids bedding is 50% off. There is a good chance this will go 70% off today or next Thursday.


Toy markdowns are starting to take place for the big 70% off clearance sale that happens at the end of July. Most toys are currently 30% off, with a few marked down to 50% off.

clear umbrella 30

Tons of umbrellas have recently been marked down, these are currently 30% off. If you don’t mind what design you get, you can usually find these when they go to 70% off.

clear beans

A whole bunch of Bush’s beans have been marked down, but the markdown is very small right now (only 15% off). I remember picking some of these up last year at 50% off, so hopefully we will find the same this year.

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