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Target Toy Clearance Update (August 2016)

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It seems as if Target is clearing out the toys at a much slower rate this year.   They have actually done this once before, so it’s not necessarily a new thing, but it is out of the norm.   Many stores had some of the items hit 70% off last week.   The majority of these stores kept the LEGO and Barbie items at 50% off.    Generally, the markdowns happen every 2 weeks so if you didn’t see the toys get marked down further today there is a very good chance the majority of the remaining clearance toys will hit 70% off next Thursday.    I don’t think they can wait much longer than that, I already noticed them stocking the new toys at my Target yesterday.   They need the room for all the new toys they are bringing in for the holiday season.

Here are a few photos we received from readers of toys they found at 70% off today.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.17.14 AM

Here are the items J M found, I love the NERF bow she found.   That Play Mask kit looks pretty fun too.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.17.43 AM

Here is what Heather picked up today.

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  1. I’m so disappointed this year. I did so well last year that I had all of my Xmas shopping done for my twin babies. This year has been slow and the markdowns are strange. There were so many toys that I was looking forward to picking up, but they were either still only 30-50% off or gone.

  2. Ours still has Legos at 30% off! Some things pictured on your site that others got, were never marked down at all at our store! Crazy how it’s so different at different stores! Thanks for the heads ups though, bc I’ve definitely got a few good deals!

    1. It means they send it to Goodwill or donate them for tax write offs. That’s what they do after the mark them down and they still do not sell. Makes room for the new stuff

  3. One of our stores took all the clearance toys to the back today and I’m assuming they are being salvaged as well. Most were still marked at 30-50% off too.

  4. Our target just moved stuff this week to one aisle at 50% off, but there was nothing that we wanted. Associate did say that more may go on clearance in coming weeks to make room for Christmas displays/inventory.

  5. Target is now selling their clearance to a salvage company for 10 cents on the dollar who in turn sells to discount stores like Big Lots. That is why Halloween clearance was gone so soon. No more good buys for us. No more donations to Goodwill or any other charity. Shame on you Target.

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