Target: Heads Up! Luggage Clearance should be 70% off soon

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I heard from a couple of people last week that said they were able to find some luggage marked down to 70% off.   If your store doesn’t have the luggage marked down to 70% off yet, there is a good chance they will go to 70% off either this Thursday or next Thursday.   All of the clearance luggage at my store is currently 50% off, so I will be watching them closely.

Check out all of the luggage reader Alexis was able to pick up at 70% off.   She got 3 Pieces of Swiss Gear (large one was $37 and 2 Carry-on at $30 each) and 2 Ful (Large was $27 and smaller was $18). She spent about $145 (after taxes and target 5% debit card discount).

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  1. Great to know! I have been wanting to get my kids small luggage pieces for overnights at Grandma’s house. Thank you!!

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