2022 Target Teacher 15% off Discount on School Supplies & more

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The popular Teacher Prep Event will be July 17 – Sept 10.  This is when teachers can save 15% on select classroom supplies & more with an exclusive Circle offer. The Circle offer can be used at your local Target or online at Target.com. If you are not a Circle member, it is free to join. 

One of the top questions we receive is “who is eligible for this discount?” Here are the personnel that will qualify for the 15% off discount:

  • Teachers, staff, and faculty employed by K-12 schools and colleges/universities in the United States.
  • Daycare center and early childhood learning center teachers.
  • Home school teachers.

Here’s how to get this deal, you can apply for verification now and the Circle offer will be available on July 18:

  • Teachers verify status HERE
  • Once verified, save the teacher savings Circle offer  (Circle offer available 7/17-9/10).
  • Discount will be automatically applied at checkout at Target.com or use coupon found in wallet in Target app for in-store use.

Important note!  This coupon is valid for one use ONLY!  Make sure you load the Circle offer just before you do your school supply shopping, you don’t want to load the offer and have it apply to a small shopping trip.   

Here is what you could save on during previous Teacher Prep Events:

  • School Supplies
  • Classroom Storage
  • Pillowfort Furniture
  • Bulleye’s Playground
  • Granola Bars
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Food Storage Bags
  • Facial Tissue

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    1. Same. It said give it twenty minutes. Still nothing. Maybe the system is overwhelmed? I was going to run out today, but I don’t know if that will happen…

    2. Once you are verified it will give you access to the Circle offer and then you can add it to your cart. There is no email coupon or code

  1. Why can’t they just ask for teacher id like EVERYONE else? Hit the dollar store and michaels instead.

    1. I’m a new teacher and I don’t have my teacher ID yet! Or for those teachers that lost their ID. It takes a few hours to ge the code. Just wait.

    1. I was super sad that I bought 40$ worth in the dollar bins, and the coupon did not apply to any of if. It was all teacher items too.

  2. I had to call their 800 number because after 4 hours I still didn’t have mine. Less than 20 minuets later I had it.

  3. I waited 20 min. and nothing so I did it again. After about 4 hours I got them. The employees at the Target near me knew nothing about the promo.

  4. I,would like the teacher discount code I have a credit,card and debit card to show my employment .I can not find my board of education teacher’s I.D card noe. My board of education I.D number is 615777.

  5. I registerd my husband through my Circle (he is a NYC DOE school teacher and I buy his supplies). I uploaded his NYC DOE ID card and it verified in less then 2 minutes. The card was issued in 2004 but it worked (and we are legit).

  6. I applied for the coupon last year as a homeschool. We sent in our notarized affidavit and had no problem getting the coupon. This year I sent in the same form for 2020, notarized and they will not accept it. It is frustrating to say the least.

  7. I hate how preschool and PreK teachers are NEVER included in discounts like these. So disappointing.

  8. The coupon made it sound like it would apply toward everything school supplies in your entire cart. I had tons of supplies and the coupon only took $5.00 off one item. Major scam. I even asked the checkout and they said read the fine print, one item. I spent $199.00 and it went down to $195.00. Big savings for teachers Target…Boo

    1. The coupon is 15% off one purchase (not one item) of qualifying items, I would take your receipt to customer service, hopefully they can fix it for you. There was obviously an error.

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