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“Universal Wellness” It’s a term we hear a lot these days. And it can be so easy to feel overwhelmed by it. How many skincare steps should I have? When is the right time to start taking collagen? Is Pilates really going to give me a snatched waist? There are a million messages being thrown at you and digging through it all, discovering what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s worth it, and what’s not…well, that is absolutely exhausting. 

So let me make it simple for you. I am by no means a health expert, but what I’ve learned is to let my body take the lead and focus on how I feel. At its core, wellness is about you. And how you feel. And this welcomed simplification is something that The Good Patch firmly stands behind! 

If you’ve never heard of The Good Patch, they design plant-powered wearable wellness patches tailored to meet you where you’re at and help you feel good. All of their patches are vegan, non-GMO, and infused with tried and true natural ingredients. Here’s a breakdown of what’s available at Target:

  1. B12 Awake: Caffeine, B12, & Green Tea. Give your day a boost.
  2. Dream: Melatonin, Hops, & Valerian Root. Clock in that beauty sleep.
  3. Relax: Ashwagandha, Passionflower, & more. Unwind & decompress.
  4. Rescue: DHM, Green Tea, & B1. Bounce back from a night out.
  5. Cycle: Menthol & Black Cohosh. Relieve period pain.
  6.  Desire: Vitamin B6, Reishi, & Black Maca. Help set the mood.
  7. Think: Yerba Mate, Bacopa, & Lion’s Mane. Get your head in the game.
  8. Relief: Menthol, Lavender, Arnica, & Aloe Vera. Relieve aches & pains.

The process is simple: Just peel, stick, and feel! Whether you’re hoping to clock in some much-need beauty rest or want a peaceful unwind from the day, The Good Patch is there to bring ease and convenience into your wellness journey! The patches are placed on the inside of your wrist, or any other venous area, and can be worn for up to 8-12 hours! You can place and remove the patch as necessary throughout your day. 

I love that these patches are available at Target! The one that I’m always reaching for is the Relax patch! Infused with Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Passionflower, this patch delivers the zen I’m craving at the end of the long day. I especially love using it in conjunction with my yoga practice!

Life is messy. And human beings are complicated. But our wellness doesn’t have to be if we simply focus on how we feel. What kind of movement feels good today? What foods? What kind of rest? The truth is that the answer to those questions is probably going to look a little different each day. But feeling good is central to universal wellness. The Good Patch believes that “in a world where everyone feels good, we can all do more, live more, and be more.” The Good Patch makes it easy to feel good, wherever you’re at. Good days, bad days, and everything in between! Ready to give it a try? Stop by the natural beauty section on your next Target run and give The Good Patch a try! Or, order them online today at target.com!

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