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Target 70% off Summer Clearance Finds

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Below you will find the summer seasonal items I picked up at 70% off at my store yesterday (Kent, WA).   I am thinking the 90% off markdown will either happen Thursday (7/13) or Friday (7/14).  I will be sure to have a FB post bright and early Thursday morning so everyone can leave a comment with what discount they are finding at their store.

These paper plates were $1.25 each.

Ziploc gallon bags were $1.37 and the quart bags were $.98.

Don’t forget to check the Crayola items that were back with the summer stuff.  They have bright colorful packaging.  These were only $1.19.

Sunblock for our upcoming vacations in August, only $4.19 and $3.89.   This was perfect timing for me because we were totally out.

These were the items I think I am most excited about.  These Eco Trekker travel hammocks were only $5.70.  They have several versions of these, you will want to look for the ones with the rainbow and red, white and blue bags.

I scored 3 camping chairs for $2.99 each.   We were in need of new chairs and while the quality on these probably isn’t amazing, I figured they were totally worth $2.99.

Here are some awesome 70% of summer seasonal clearance deals our readers scored! Make sure you check out this post for a peek at the 70% off summer clearance items we found at our Kent and Sunrise Puyallup, WA stores.

Here is a look at all of the fun items Andi picked up.  Notice the Bic lighters with the red, white and blue print.  I didn’t notice those at my store, mine were just plain red and blue.

Katie stocked up on paper plates and plastic cups, all of these items were priced at only $1.25 each.  The Tiki candles are great and something new I haven’t seen.

Chelsea paid only $21 for this huge canopy, she found another one located in the camping aisle so make sure to check that department.

Kelly found a really cool chair and Anne picked up a neat light up football.

Kate scored this cooler bag with blanket for only $5.99.

You know we really want to see all of your super clearance deals you find.  Here are the following ways you can share your photos with us:

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  1. I did get some great stuff today, yay, but I was hoping to find the hammock, was it in with the summer, or in camping? I didn’t find it either place, any chance I can get a DCPI? I have a couple other stores I can drive to, thanks!!

      1. Dpci 009091523

        And I got the hooks for the hammock also (not sure if I need them) dpci for hooks 009120171

  2. I’m so excited for the 90% off. I am planning to buy TONS of stuff for Teacher Appreciation at my school. Will probably buy about 30 water bottles, tote bags, etc. I am also hoping to get enough stuff to put together fun bags for teacher gifts for the end of the year. I realize that is 10 months away, but I love blessing teachers with lots of great gifts.

    1. I always love seeing what you do with your finds. I also can’t believe the amount of stuff you find at 90% off every year. Have fun!

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