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Target 70% off Toy Clearance is Happening Today

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I have received word from so many people that the 70% off clearance has in fact started at their Target store today. However, it sounds like the Target’s system went down (nationwide) early this morning and the scanners quit working, so some places weren’t able to finish (or even start) the scanning.    The scanners are back up and running now, so hopefully you will find the markdown at your store.

It also sounds like many stores do not have the toys consolidated to one aisle, so you may have to do some looking around.

Keep in mind that clearance can vary by location, so there is chance that the markdown has not taken place at your store.    You can https://www.facebook.com/allthingstarget/posts/567127076680783 for updates throughout the day on the different location.

I would LOVE to see photos of your deals and so would everyone else! You can email photos to [email protected] or post them directly on the All Things Target Facebook page.

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  1. I went to my Target in Fort Myers,FL as they were marking the toys down. The system did in fact go down but after about 20 mins they were up and running. I had limited time but they were nice enough to scan the toys I wanted but they had not reached yet. 🙂 I got some great stuff including baby alive doll, 3 baby alive outfits, wooden train set, remote control truck, play doh set, minnie mouse tea set, minnie mouse camera, graco doll highchair. and a few other little items all for 60 bucks!! I wish I had time to hit the other target in my area but I have to work and doubt much will be left after 8pm tonight. Good luck everyone!

    1. The Gulf Coast Town Center Target has tons of stuff left…in case you’re in that area. They didn’t put up any “large” signs, so it’s not obvious there is clearance.

        1. So neat to see people from my area on here! 😛 I went to the one on 41 and it was more wiped than I expected. Also went to the two in Cape Coral which were disappointing. Pine Island one hasn’t marked down for the 70 percent yet.

  2. this morning I was in waterford, ct , system is down, i had to let the cashier over the front to check the prices, my items are not marked down, only 30% or 50%.

    My question is if the system comes back, the new price will show up, right?

    1. They need to be marked/scanned with the handheld scanner. They generally won’t pop up immediately on the self-service one and definitely won’t at checkout.

    2. It is my understanding after taking to the manager at my second target trip this morning that the toys will scan at te marked down price. Almost none of the toys I bought at my closest target were more than 30% off at the second target. He checked every toy in a register for me and then said that markdowns vary by store and that some targets with higher inventory will stay at 30-50% longer. It seems like the days of a uniform 70% off might be over.

      1. The toys that had stickers for 30% or 50% off will not show up as 70% off at any scanner or the cash register until they are scanned by the person with the new discounted sticker. When just one of a toy is scanned with that special scanning/sticker machine, all of that exact same toy (stickered or not) will show up at the lower price.

  3. I was at a store in Upstate NY this morning and got to speak to the manager. He said the system was down (handhelds and scanners) and that only 1 packet of data had been downloaded for pricing (not sure exactly what that meant). He said that if the price was marked down to 70% already (some were, but i only managed to get 5 things) it would ring up correctly at the register, but if it wasn’t marked with a red tag yet, it wasn’t ringing up correctly. He did override one thing for me that he said he knew would be 70% but wasn’t yet, and said come back later today and it’ll be fixed. The problem was i went before work and now have to wait until 5pm to go back 🙁

  4. Oh, and if your store still has any of the Tag reading system maps left, they ring up at $5.98, and there are $4 off peelies on the books that work on the Maps, so you get it for $1.98 down from $19.99!!

    1. But you shouldn’t be taking a peelie from an item you are not buying to use on an item you are. That is stealing from the person who buys that book later.

        1. They have 5 dollar peelies on the box sets unless they’d already been taken. I bought the map box set for .98 🙂

  5. My targets were mostly done scanning and the system went down about 10am
    Luckily I already got what I needed.

  6. I went to Spring Valley, NY at 8:20a and they had a few things marked down to 70% off. I was there for approx 1 hr and there was not one employee in the toy area marking down any toys, so i just had to fill up my car and make many trips to the scanner. I must say that i am a bit disappointed at the selection that are marked down to 70% but on the other hand I was able to score some nice toys last week at 50% that are no longer in the aisles. Happy Shopping Everyone!!!

  7. 70% clearance in NE Wisconsin at 8am today. Toys on end-caps and throughout the aisles. Lego was marked down to 50% off. The workers were still scanning a few things as I shopped. Some toys stayed at 50% off. I got some playdoh items, Imaginext and a couple of games for 70% off.

  8. My Target in Monroe NY did not have many toys marked down to 50% nor 30% so I am assuming that little selection is what will go to 70% or am I wrong and should take a drive there with my kids which would be a nightmare to do?

  9. If you are there early, the associates need to scan items in the system at 70% before you can check it at the price checker. For example, Baby Alive scanned on the price checker at 50% off. When I brought it to associate, it scanned at 70% and then all the others in the store would scan at 70. It’s not just a software update, the associates have to scan at least one of the items for it to be in system at 70%. So if you got your eye on something, most likely that 50% item will go down to 70% and if it doesn’t scan on price checker check it with an associate.

  10. My store today (Northern CA) still had stuff at 30-50%. I asked an associate and they said another week or 2. 🙁

  11. I went to two targets in Columbus ohio, apparently before the computer crash – one store was already marked down and the other was in the process with two people. They were really nice to scan items for me as I went. There were still quite a few items that were 50% and they said they would stay the until they were sold or consolidated and donated to charity. The aisles were not consolidated at either store nothing on the end caps either.

  12. Hickory, NC is 70% off today 🙂 A few things here and there were still at 50% off. Not sure if that had something to do with the “crash”. But, most of it was already 70% off. Seems like the only things that weren’t 70% off were board games and legos (which I’m not sure go to 70%).

  13. Abingdon store in md they were starting to mark down stuff but system went down but even when they were marking down associates refused to scan items I was very disappointed as there was no one there and the one lady was so rude. she said I could just use the scanners but it definitely didn’t show updated price as I checked with another associate and when she scanned it it was much less…. 70 percent one day are definitely over in most locations the store in bel air md flat out told me they aren’t doing it like that anymore 🙁

  14. San Antonio is having some serious issues also. System
    Is still down and no one seems to know much about anything. It almost seems as me and a friend were letting the employees know what was going on with the system. Update: just
    Got off the phone with my target buddy and she has found that a few stores did markdown their store before the crash. So off we go with 7 kids in tow. Gonna make this toy clearance work!!!! Second wind I need you 🙂

      1. I went there at 4 pm after going to the one at the RIM .. CULEBRA.. and bandera and 1604…. AND let me tell you i did find wayyyy more there!!!! wish i wouldve read this comment right when you posted it!!! .. but hey i had to check out the other stores……

  15. Columbia, MD was my 1st store this morning. At 9a.m. scanners were already down, but apparently they were able to mark quite a few things down before the crash. I spent about $70 there then headed to two other Targets. Ellicott City, MD was up and running. I scored an overflowing cart full of toys and 2 toddler bathing suits all 70% off! One fellow shopper even found a $100 lego set 70% off! Laurel, MD was my next stop. Their system was down but they had quite a bit marked down as well. My favorite store, Columbia, MD is still down (at 2p.m.). I am calling them every hour and plan to shop their clearance as soon as they are up and running! Now to sort through what I am keeping and what I am letting my friends buy off of me!

  16. In Ellicott City, MD, Target staff was wonderful. There were three ladies scanning items and helping shoppers. I scored some great deals. Imaginext T-Rex dinosaur, Thomas pirate set, Skull Island, and Lone Ranger lego set 70% (from 99.00 to 24.)

    Scanners were down in nearby Columbia, MD store. I’m hoping to go by that store tomorrow: )

    1. I hope to see you there tomorrow! I keep calling the Columbia store and they keep telling me the system is still down. It was fun meeting a new shopping buddy today. I still can’t believe you got that awesome lego set so cheap!

    2. Found a switch and go dino imaginext reg 25. for like 8… a mini car track thingy for 6 from 20..a car for it for like 2.38 and batteries were on clearancce too for it for like $1.20 the jake and neverland pirate vtech game reg 20 for 6. the skull Jnd NLP for like 7….a and Frakle game for $5 from 15.a hotwheels set that had a flashlight, binoculars, and camera down to $3 so i BAsically got alll my small gifts for my 1 son done. all 70% off.(thank god i visited a 4th target) Last week i snatched up a big remote control like jeep at half off bc i knew theyd be all gone today.. and i was right… reg 30 for 15…..i also got the twister bS game 70% off and the laserblocks, and the monsters U rollascare w. Q for 5… and a little brain game reg 10 for 3….. so next week im sure there will be more marked down even further to 70%..here in good ol’ San Antonio, TX!!!! ANY ONE KNOW HOW LOW THE DUPLOS WILL GO??? they are only like 15% off still….. and everyone PLEASE LOOK AT THE PRICES RING UP WHEN YOU ARE CHECKING OUT… i had to go back to get the difference today bc i wasnt paying attention… and before me neither were they!!!!!!! pssssssss me off.. ok love love. tada

  17. just got back from Target….very few things marked down to 70%. Nothing consolidated and no one working the toy section. Scanners were still out.

  18. Kemah, TX had Lego sets at 50% and most the clearance toys were down to 70% this morning. I wasn’t thrilled with the selection, but I got a bunch of Christmas/birthday gifts for my daughters and their friends and a sand box for $15! My kids are 1st grade and under, so I skipped over a lot of toys that may be perfect for bigger kids. There also Christmas M&Ms on two grocery end caps, but they are only marked to about $2. Seems like they should be a lot lower by now!

  19. Westbury NY…I don’t think I saw anything at 70%, all price checkers down..no one doing markdown, clearance items still in their original spots. Really disappointed, Not even decent kids clothing clearance, I used to get great deals on kids clearance, but lately, nothing!

  20. Only a few laser pegs marked down to 70% off in Lancaster, CA. Everything else was 30% or 50% off. There wasn’t much either. No consolidated aisles, just dispersed throughout.

    1. Palmdale didnt have anything good either! I just moved here (my hometown) from WA this week. There were sooooo many goodies in WA but nothing here…so mad!

  21. This year was just weird. I’m guessing because of the scanner situation. After talking with fellow target shoppers here in Las Vegas it seems to boil down to the luck of the draw. Some stores were 70% down right at 8am, some the workers were saying come back at 3pm (because they were still scanning things down). At the store I went to they were saying next week there would be more things marked down to 70% next week because that is when they expand their toy section for Christmas.

    All in all, I got a great haul. Thanks allthingtarget.com for the heads up!

  22. I went to lewisville tx target and got hell lot of toys. Never done this much shopping before. Thanx allthingstarget.com i totally love you.

  23. I hit the motherload in Amarillo Tx! Tons at 70% off. I grabbed a woody doll for $12, 3 Baby Alives for $12 (walkers) and $6.98, Lego sets, play doh sets, hotwheel tracks, leap pad books, thomas the train pirate ship take along set , a Crayola Color maker, Aqua doodle, board games, littlest pet shop, and 2 6X4′ soccer goals marked at $12 (70%off) each in the sporting equipment…plus more!!!. I grabbed $600 worth of stuff for around $180:) My cart was full from top to bottom. Santa is very happy and I have a ton of birthday gifts checked off the list! There were only 2 other moms walking around filling their carts with me at 10am.

    1. The stores in Lubbock had the Woody for full price $42.99 I even had a employee scan it with the handheld to double check and still nothing…so bummed 🙁

  24. Pasasena, California I asked a girl if they were gonna scan the toy section and she said no. I was bummed!!! But on my way out I saw the scanning crew and they were headed to toys. Yay!!! 70% out here….

  25. Sacramento CA 70% off on alot of stuff they were still scanning but didn’t have time to wait so I asked them to scan two things they haven’t gotten to yet and score 70% off! =]

  26. Tucson, AZ, most things were still at 30-50% off. Nothing great, and very dispersed through all the aisles. I talked to an associate who was really clueless and said that stuff gets marked down each day, it will never happen on a Thursday and stuff gets marked down to 70% off each day and she should know because she has worked at that store since it opened 7 years ago. I tried to tell her that I always hit this sale..2 X a year and I definitely know how it works, but she didn’t seem to know anything. 🙂
    FYI, my Target is doing some tricky pricing on their clearance stickers. It was always very straight forward that the clearance sticker would have the current price in the center, the original price in the bottom left corner and the percent off in the top right corner. A few days ago I did a little recognizance mission at my Target to see what toys would be clearanced on, hopefully, today. I saw a lot of interesting clearance stickers that I had never seen before. 25% off. 40% off. There was also a good amount of the traditional 30% and 50%. At first I thought, this is strange, I guess these may not go down to 70 percent off. But then I started peeling back the stickers underneath. The 25% off stickers had been placed over clearance stickers that were marked at 30% off. So, for example, if the original price was $19.99, the 30% off sticker had the original price in the bottom left corner of $19.99 and the 30 in the top right corner, and the sale price at $13.99. But the 2nd sticker, did not show the original price of $19.99. Rather it showed in the bottom left corner $13.99, the price of the 1st markdown, not the original price. The sale price was now $10.49 and the top right corner showed 25, meaning 25% off of the first mark down. So this item was actually at approximately 45% off, not the usual 50% off for a second markdown. I saw this same thing for even bigger markdowns. I bought a beyblade set that I initially thought would be marked down further because it was only showing 40% off. When I pulled stickers back I discovered that it was a $34.99 item that had a 1st markdown of 50% off, thus being $17.49. The second sticker, the 40% off one showed the original price at $17.49, and 40% off so marked down to $10.49. When I did the math on this one it adds up to be exactly 70% off of the original price. It was time consuming to peel each sticker and try to figure it out, but for the ones marked at 40% off, it turns out they were all 70% off the original price. I’m not sure why my store is doing this and I don’t know if any others are. It makes me wonder if Target is getting wise to the amount of people (like me), who wait to buy something until it goes to 70% off and are trying to make it harder to find the original price so consumers don’t know that the items are actually marked down to 70% off. It was very time consuming to peel all of the stickers and try to figure out what original prices were! I just thought I would mention it to give warning to others that the stickers may not be as straight forward as they usually are.

  27. Went to another target in Sacramento and nothing was 70% off and there wasn’t even anyone marking down toys

  28. Here in Nc I have two Target within 2 miles. In the first Target they were doing markdown in some items in the afternoon. I was able to at 70% off:
    3 Halo sets
    2 Crayola crayon makers
    1 Monster university game board
    1 Wingz set
    2 Minnie Mouse dolls

    1 Pictionary drawing board game
    1 Yathzee board game
    6 Squinkies cubes
    I pay about $100 for a lot of items.
    I drove to the other Target and the scanner system was dwn so no markdown further 50%. The toys were all thru the different aisles.
    Hoping for a good sale at this Target tomorrow.

  29. We have three targets, two were marked down but the third wasnt. A friend of ours went to customer service to ask and they said they were going to mark them down. I stopped after work and they werent. I did get some decent things

  30. Flower Mound, TX and Denton, TX Targets didn’t really have much at all. Really disappointed compared to last years mark down. I will check Frisco, TX tomorrow.

  31. Anaheim Hills, CA (orange county) was at 70% off. Got lots of stuff (I’ll work on pictures and markdowns when the kids go to bed). Got lucky with one Winnie the Pooh online only toy that was in the store, 70% off and the Bounce Bounce Tigger for $14…all the others were regular price! Yeah. THANK YOU CHRISTY for this blog abd everyone who helps relay the deals. My Xmas shopping is now done!

  32. Did anyone get Lego toys at 70% off? Minnesota had all other toys for 70, but not the Lego they were on 50.do anyone know when will they go to 70% off?

  33. The Dublin, CA store didn’t consolidate the marked down toys to one aisle. They were everywhere in the toys section. Also, when I went last night, I was some white note papers on the shelves that said something along the lines it need to be priced or need new prices. I took those as hints to new mark down items. Took some of them to scan, and some did came back cheaper than the listed price. No Legos on sale at my store. We got board games, balls, and this one star wars toy (DH has been eyeing it since we same it the first time, but I didn’t let him get it at full price. At 70% off…sure). After this toy run, DH can’t wait until next year’s toy sale.

  34. Did anyone get Lego toys at 70% off? Minnesota had all other toys for 70, but not the Lego they were on 50.do anyone know when will they go to 70% off?

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