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Readers’ 70% off Summer Seasonal Clearance Finds

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We have a ton of photos of some amazing summer seasonal clearance deals our readers picked up!  Please keep those pictures coming!

target read sum clear jess

Check out all of the super summer items Jess picked up, her favorite find was the canopy tent!

target read sum clear angela

I love the cute Dory creativity kits and the star plates Angela found.

target read sum clear debbie

Here is Debbie’s 70% off haul! She picked up everything from buckets, blankets, a cool 4th of July sign, ice chest & so much more.

target read sum katie

Katie was thrilled to find this Eco Trekker travel hammock which was priced at only $5.70.

target read sum clear michelle

Michelle did awesome and brought home a cute tote bag, plates, stickers and a Bic lighter.

target read sum clear katie 1

Katie paid only $40 for 3 folding chairs, 2 captains chairs, skewers, towel, water canons, toy buckets, 6ft umbrella and a clip umbrella!

target read sum clear suezanne

Here are the items Suezanne was able to grab, a cook chair, picnic blanket and a big bucket.

target read sum clear elizabeth

Love the tent and the umbrella Elizabeth picked up!  She also scored some fun outdoor games, toys, sports equipment, signs & more.

Michelle found a TON of Up & Up sun screen on clearance.

Please feel free to share all of your photos any of the following ways:

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