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Reader’s Target Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

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Today we are sharing some more photos of readers clearance finds and shopping trips, once again they found some pretty sweet deals!

target read clear new amanda lamps 70

Amanda spotted a bunch of floor lamps 70% off, this one was was priced at $26.99 (reg $89.99).

target read clear new amanda d art

Amanda was excited to find this 3-piece art canvas 70% off!  She plans to display this in her kids’ bathroom.  Super idea!

target read clear new patricia

Patricia picked up this Black + Decker coffee maker for only $13.54 ($89.99).  SCORE!

target deanna md 148

Deanna got lucky and found a nice variety of Melissa & Doug coloring and sticker pads on clearance for just $1.48 a piece.

target read clear new amanda 70 banks

Check out these seriously cute horse banks Amanda found at 70% off and priced at just $3.89 each.

We always enjoy seeing what super clearance deals you have been finding, please continue to share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. Anyone else noticed that Target stores seem to be moving AWAY from the endcap clearance? I have increasingly been finding shelves on straight walls–not end caps–with consolidations of merchandise from various departments. Home goods, toys, etc all together…

    Have seen this in three stores now and wondered if they are taking back the prime real estate end caps for entirely full priced merchandise???

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