Monday Clearance Update (70% off Electronics, Lunch Boxes, Backpacks & Kids Clothes)

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I usually post clearance updates on Thursday, but I wanted to let you know that I found some nice markdowns that happened at my store today.

The main thing I noticed is that quite a few items in the electronics department had been marked down to 70% off. Monday is usually the markdown for this department, so I know they happened today. Well, that and I was there on Saturday and they weren’t 70% off then.

Keep in mind that clearance varies by location so I can’t guarantee you will find the same deals at your store, but if you have had your eye on something it might be worth taking a look.

Here is a peek at some of the items I found at Kent, WA:

electronics 1

Some nice headphones on clearance for 70% off. I also spotted some various ereader covers also at 70% off.

electronics 2

electronics 3

All of the camera equipment that was on clearance went to 70% off. There were some really nice camera bags in several different sizes. I also spotted a few radio/CD player/iPod players at 70% off, including a Hello Kitty one.

lunch box


I know many of you have been waiting for the lunch boxes and backpacks to go 70% off, well it finally happened at my store.    There was a nice selection of lunch boxes, but not too many backpacks.    I know many of you have told me your store went 70% off awhile ago, but if your store was one that was staying at 50% off you may want to check to see if the finally went down to 70% off like mine did.




Lastly, I spotted several 70% off rack in both the boys and girls departments.

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