Target: Summer Clearance now 70% off?!

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I have heard from a couple of people that the summer clearance is now 70% off.    This section will also go down to 90% off in a few days.  Let us know what markdown you are finding at your store.

Many items in this section would make for great stocking stuffers or gifts, especially those DC Comics items.

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  1. In New York only at 50 still. Was there around noon. Would the markdowns come midday? if so, back to Target!!

  2. Just got back from the white plains ny store. Sign says 50 but scanned at 70. Got $373 dollars worth of stuff for $109. They had the huge tubs that are not summer related marked down too, tons of stuff. Got pics lol

    1. No they are not I just left there an hour before closing. But the up and up paper plate cups etc are included!

  3. I didn’t scan them but they had target napkins and foam plates part of the clearance. The glad containers were not on sale at all but the cling wrap came up as .89 cents

  4. jessica just for the fun of it give us a breakdown lol. am stuck at home not feeling well…target hauls always cheer me up!!

  5. Mine in tx was 70% and stuff was flying off the shelves! I stocked up for our upcoming beach vacation and got lots of fun super hero stuff for my son. At my store there will definitely not be anything left for 90%. I went back this afternoon to grab another picnic blanket and it had already gone from 4 isles to 1. Not sure how to post pictures but I have some. Ours had superhero beach towels, lots of sand toys, lawn chairs, kid and large beach umbrellas, insulated cups, ice chest, plates, place mats, super hero tumblers, kick boards, picnic blankets (very nice!!), bubbles, beach mats, heavy duty paper plates (32 count), plastic cups, glad containers in different sizes, super hero arts and crafts, beach totes, and plastic silverware. I don’t have my receipts on me but if I remember correctly I spent $65 and saved $130.

  6. Some of the glad containers were coming up $.89 they were the ones that said summer collection. I picked up a lot that have a red/white/blue design and were large and round.

  7. How does the clearance work? is it automatic? If I go there tomorrow at 8am will the 70% come up automatically or does it come up at a certain time?

  8. One store (FL mall) was 70% to signed at 50%. We bought cookie mix, shaved ice/ice pop flavors, and stuff others already mentioned. Stopped at a second store (Posner Park) to find the silverware holder but it was only 50%. Happy shopping.

  9. the cups, plates, napkins all ringing 70% off. the up and up brand. near the summer section. also all of the snow cones supplies for the jelly belly brand. also bubbles. and squirt guns, and some of the banzi slip and slides just like in years past. and some beach towels. but my best find.. was at one store that is ahead of schedule compared to other area stores in toy markdowns.. legos at 50%!! i got the sponge bob party lego set for $24.99 reg. $49. this store also had a small section of toys at 70%.

  10. 70% hawaii. With my red card i saved $111. Everything was picked over but i managed to get some things for my gift closet and for my pantry. Most of the things I got were the last ones remaining. I got JL cake deco sprinkles 4 pack, kid’s beach towel/bag set, lenticular Superman placemats (these are super cool, i thought they were regular mats so i debated getting them for .89 but when i got home i saw they were 3d-ish…wish there were more), metal food cover (repackaged as is for 2.56, i’m pretty sure these were from Summer and were returned without original packaging), glad plastic wrap (these are red!), Upup blue plastic cups, Upup foam plates 90 ct. (The other counts weren’t Summer), kids metal chair, 3pk mini water blasters, 2 pk water warriors blasters, 1 pk water warriors water blaster, gazillion bubbles refill 62 oz (orig. 9.99 that’s crazy), and a lonely glow mask (i stock up on these for nighttime events so i don’t have to purchase them there). I could not find the napkins, what does the package look like and the count size for those who have found them? Also i couldnt find the banzai slip n slide. Details please for those of you that did get them. I didn’t get the Summer sunscreen (coppertone and Upup?), hope to get those at 90% . Has any one tried either? Our hard coolers were not marked down at all, bummer. Toys are at 30/50. Happy shopping!

  11. I just checked at my store in Virginia and we’re still at 70%. I asked a sales associate about the potential to go to 90%, but he said it would hold at 70%. Do some stores do that? I do remember that this same store went 90% on Easter items, so I’m hoping the same holds true for summer items.

    1. I checked at our second store in the area this afternoon and yet another sales associate told me that the summer items were not going to hit 90% off 🙁 I went ahead and bought the items I really wanted at 70% off!

      1. I will say that I have heard that rumor for years now, and these items continue to go to 90% off. However, I am sure that at some point they may stop doing 90% off, so there is a chance it could happen.

  12. Monroe NY Target store had their items at 70% last night (sunday 7/21). Stock was very limited but still managed to get a few cool summer toys for my kids including those giant flying discs (frisbee type of toy) and my boys who are 3 & 5 LOVED them. The minute I got home at 8pm they went to the backyard to toss around all you heard was laughter!!! Thanks for the heads up!!!!!!!!!!! Got $30 worth of items for about $9.

    Happy shopping and thank you so much for the heads up!!!!!!!!

  13. My Target (Philadelphia) had items marked 70% off, but they were starting to pack it up and haul it away so I know it won’t be going down to 90%. I got some kids chairs, coolers, freezer cups, picnic set, garden tools, watering cans, and a few other items all at 70%! Great deals but not much left.

  14. Will the Banzai pools go down further? They weren’t marked for clearance at my store this morning. Online, they are a whopping 9% off. Why are they holding off marking these down with the other summer stuff?

    1. The lowest those pools will go is 70% off if they are in the summer toy section (not the seasonal summer section).

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