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  1. These coupons also worked for me on the disposables (3 pack) which are $8.49 for me in VA. I had to do them in multiple transactions, but for two packs it was a final price of $.51 🙂 (with Red Card)

  2. Yea, the one coupon if you got it doesn’t work 🙁 I had a screaming toddler with me so I bit it and paid $5.49 just so I could high tail it out of there. I may return it though. Bummer! I already had planned a second trip to get refills!

  3. Just rechecked the receipt, and it was actually the target coupon that didn’t come off of mine :/

  4. Both worked for me, and the razors were only $5.49 at my store! I know they say that they don’t give you money back, but the full value of both coupons came off of my receipt! Yay!

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