More Readers 90% off Summer Clearance Shopping Trips

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It is so much fun seeing all of the great deals everybody has picked up for 90% off.   I decided to share even more deals!

target trip Dana

Here is just part of Dana’s shopping trip. I can’t believe so many people are finding sunblock at 90% off. Plus, she also found some Glad containers. Woo Hoo! I love when you can find everyday stuff.

target Dana 2 chairs 1.29

Dana also picked up 8 of these chairs for only $1.29 each. Wow!

target virginia

Virginia can protect an entire army from the sun with all of this sunblock she scored. She paid just under $20 for all of this! These multi-packs were only $1.39 each.

target trip Rachel

Rachel found a nice assortment of things.

Target Kariana

Kariana spent $18.75 and I am totally jealous of the ice shavers and sprinkles!

Target Tiffany

Tiffany spent only $1.75 on all of this!

Target email no name

This photo is from Liz and I am in awe!  Glad cling wrap, plastic cups, sunblock, cool beach totes and so much more.

Target katie

Holy cow! Look at all the amazing things Katie scored.   Trying so hard not to be jealous…it’s not working!

I didn’t head out to my closest store, they didn’t have much at 70% off, but now I am wishing I made the trip to a different store to see what I could have found.  I love seeing all of your photos – thanks so much for sharing!  Keep sending in those photos to [email protected] or post on the All Things Target Facebook page.

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  1. That’s my photo with the tote bags. Just realized that I sent the picture without any caption or my name! LOL. Went to another store this morning and scored MORE plastic cups, sunblock and Glad cling wrap! Thanks to everyone for all the tips!! Now waiting for the toy clearance…

      1. Up & Up brand, 30-ct blue cups. Found them in the regular aisle among the blue Solo cups. Gotta hunt!

  2. I want to move where these lucky people live 😉 my store shelves were empty at 70%…good to see other people got this lucky.. i am sure it will be my turn someday… one day… maybe 🙂

  3. where do these people live? I am lucky if I can get stuff at 50%, jackpot if 70%. I am not sure I have ever seen anything at 90%

    1. I agree, most everything at the stores near me run off the shelves at 50% off, I rarely see ‘cool’ things at 70% and I have never seen a shelf in a Target in Phoenix, AZ with a 90% of sign with things on the shelves. I hope I can get that lucky one of these days. For now… I will just do my coupons and getting stuff for really cheap. It works for me.

      1. Might be kind if far for you but I lived in surprise, az and last year found tons of great summer clearance. Sometimes you need to look in the regular isles or in the carts to go back. Also found super great stuff during the spring toy clearance. I found a Mini Cooper power wheels and did not even get to the store until 4.

  4. Oh my gosh, they must live in an area where an Target serve just 10,000 of ppl? Here in Chicago it’s at least one target per 500,000 ppl??? (I don’t have stat, but things flying off the racks at 50% is good proof?)

    seeing these pics makes me wanna go try out the 3 target in the city, but I am pretty sure it’s disappointment..

    1. I’m outside of Chicago. They have tons at 70-90% but you’ve gotta hunt. Most items are hidden by other ‘eager’ shoppers.

  5. Hi, my photo is the last photo up there! My store was empty back when it was 70% also… but they had maybe an end cap of stuff for 90%. Almost all my items in that last photo were from regular aisles. I hunted. I found things misplaced on end caps through out the store. I also found the pool items, in the pool sections – the summer toys in the regular toy area, the tubs in the storage container area. Squirt guns were in with regular squirt guns. The ice shaver was in the regular kitchen area. Sunscreen in with the rest of the sunscreen. I just happened to remember what was in the summer section and hunted those areas through out the store! 🙂 Good luck everyone!

    1. I went to the store near my house and saw no section marked 70 or 90 percent at all! the toys are only 30% there though… I went to the isle by the bike type stuff and saw a whole bunch of squirt guns etc but had no clearance stickers… would this be the “secret” 90% off stuff? I just figured it hadn’t gone to clearance yet and kept walking didn’t even check it! I want to score some of these deals!!

      1. Most stores probably will no longer have a 70-90% off section, my store didn’t have one when I went on Wednesday. I just looked around the store for items others were finding on clearance.

        Your store probably sold out of most of the stuff like mine and that is why you didn’t see a clearance section. Sometimes they just put misc. items back in their respective departments. These holiday/seasonal clearance items will not have clearance stickers on them.

        There is a chance that some of the water guns and slip n slides may have been some of the “secret” stuff.

  6. I went to my Target last nite and alot of the seasonal things pictured were still at regular price. I even price checked them.

  7. Sunblock still normal price here in White Plains,ny. Did find one cling wrap at.29 in the regular section.

  8. I live in the Boston area and I hit 3 Targets and was able to get 4 packs of the 1.39 sunscreen (which was not in an area that was marked down just scanned it and it was 90% off) then finally found the superhero sippy and snack cups for 39 cents! I was able to get 11 for my sons bday party as favors (his theme so happens to be superheroes!) which I cleaned them out bc they had about another 10 left. I also got the superhero cake decorations to for I believe 24 cents. Thank you everyone for the tips bc I wouldn’t have known to go otherwise!

  9. I scored 9 bags of the coppertone sunblock, 9 waterguns, 1 horseshoe game and 1 drinking cup for a grand total of $5.38. I was able to use my $5 off 2 coppertone products and used the overage for the other stuff… in reality, I scored everything for free and just paid the tax. My receipt at the bottom stated that i saved $227!!!

  10. I live about 30 mins from Surprise in the west valley. It may be worth it sometime just to go up there and check things out. I have never been to that area. Thanks for the tips. The stuff people are finding is amazing.

  11. Good thing I picked up a couple packs of sunscreen yesterday@70%! Went back today hoping to score some more at 90% and they were wiped out!

  12. Maybe I’m missing something, but in Tacoma nothing was lower than 50% off anywhere I looked. Most items were 30%.

  13. Disappointed at my target ( long island ) stuff that I saw at 50% off Friday was back to full price

  14. The stores might not have things marked so don’t just look for the % off clearance signs. Most of the items I found were in the regular aisles (pool/outdoor toys & garden sections) so make sure you use the price scanner in the store to price check! I used all the helpful photos posted to scout out the items to price check & sure enough they were on clearance. Thanks everyone!

  15. I found that big bucket, but it only scanned at $7.98 and that was more than I wanted to pay so I didn’t buy it. (There was only one and it was light pink) I saw none of the sunscreen pictured and scoured the garden section and there was nothing. I might go today to look at the Toys in Puyallup if Tacoma’s aren’t on sale.

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