Target: Patio & Garden Now 70% off?!

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I have gotten several reports from people that the patio and garden clearance  now being 70% off.    Let us know what deals you are finding at your store.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to email me and post on Facebook, it’s a big help!

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  1. I never comment on anything but i have to on this….got an awesome Stok charcoal grill for $38.88 orig. price was $129.99! Can’t wait to have my husband start grilling! Does anyone know how long the patio stuff stay on clearance and if they’ll go down to 90%?

    1. Congrats on your great find Dana! No, the patio furniture won’t go down to 90% off, the lowest it goes is 70% off.

  2. Wireless Patio Speaker System…from $80—-NOW $23!! Super excited. Was marked at 30% off, it pays to walk to the scanners. You never know. Good luck on the hunt all.

    1. I got the same one! The one that looks like a lantern? I scanned it yesterday and yes it said 30 but was 70! Did you gets yours at a Super Target or normal Target?

    2. If you take a clear pic of the barcode, you can scan that! No need to haul a huge item to the price scanners!

  3. I found 2 Threshold Southcrest Wicker stackable chaise lounge chairs which were clearance to $121.80 from $174….mistagged at $7.50 each! I snagged those puppies up and checked out as fast as I could!

    1. If you get sick of them, I’d buy them from you! I have the Southcrest line (2 loveseats, 6 chairs and 2 tables. Can’t find an end table (does anyone know if they exist?) and no chaise lounges!

  4. Ended up at 2 Targets today loading up on this sale .. probably should have even bought more. Found an outdoor rug for $17.98. (It was the only one we found.) We got 4 tall patio chairs each for $16.20 and a tall outdoor table for $25.20. Also a replacement umbrella canopy, 3 white plastic hanging baskets, gardening gloves for $2.03 (part of my mom’s bday present), and several grilling accessories. May be heading to a few more locations tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for letting us know of the sale!!

  5. Hi everybody thanks for letting us know about the sale but my store only has a few stuff on sale for 70./.. Rugs were scanning full price , Iam little disappointed , I needed the , is anyone else scaning. the same price . Pls o let me know .crystal ur patio rug looks beautiful and that’s what I scanned . Good luck and keep hunting .

  6. Michigan Targets are really strange. Same items at different percentages off at different locations. I got eleven of the Threshold outdoor brown wicker resin solar laterns half off at one store; they are full price at another and some don’t even have them. Go figure.

    I like that blue floral and gray outdoor pillows; all the other ones are one sale for 50% off at the stores, but these seem to only be available online. I have two of the outdoor poofs and would love to match them.

    By the way, I also got three wicker poofs (turquoise) at $19.99 each, down from $39.99 a piece. Lucky me!

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