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Magnolia Hearth & Hand Target Easter Clearance

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Good news!  Once again, part of the Magnolia Hearth & Hand collection is part of the seasonal clearance.  However, the bad news is this time around it looks as if the markdown levels will be 30%, 50% and 70% off instead of 50%, 70% and 90% off.   I stopped by my Target to check out which Magnolia items were part of the clearance and I noticed that they were only ringing up at 30% off.   I know that these are still considered part of the holiday clearance for a couple reasons:

  • These items don’t have yellow (or red) clearance stickers.
  • The price on these items are ending in a “9”.   Standard clearance deals usually end in an “8”.

We can still hope that they will make it to 90% off, but I really think Target is marking these items down similar to the holiday/seasonal food items with the 30/50/70 markdown levels.

There are still some great deals to be had, here is a peek at some of the Hearth & Hand items I found to be included in the Easter clearance.  Make sure you also check out this post full of photos of other Target easter clearance deals on kitchen, home items, toys, Dollar Spot deals and more.

DPCI = 324-06-0010

DPCI = 324-06-0007

DPCI = 324-06-0009


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  1. thanks for posting the photos!! i’ll have to check out the target around here to see if we can find some of these items!

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