Target: Summer Packages of Twizzlers only $ .41??!!

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UPDATE: These are now ringing up at $ .13 each!!! (90% off the $1.38 price, which was originally $2.78).    Look for the “Perfect for Summer” packages.

These packages of Twizzlers were included in the Summer section that went on clearance to 70% off over the weekend.   These special packages have the saying “Perfect for Summer” on them

Most of the stores I visited took them out and marked them on clearance to 50% off a week or so ago.   These are currently $1.38 at Kent and Issaquah.   I knew these were part of the summer section, so I decided to scan a package just for fun.

WOW!   I was super surprised to see they were ringing up at 70% off the $1.38 price.    These were only $ .41 a package.    There is no guarantee you will find the same deal at your store, but it is totally worth checking.    These packages originally retailed for $2.79.

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