Target: Possible Hidden Easter Clearance (Disney Insulated Spout Cups)

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If there are still Easter items left at your store and you have a little one, you may want to check the aisle with the sippy cups for another hidden Easter find. Reader Nicky was nice enough to share this photo of this Disney cup that she found in the regular aisle. You will want to look for Playtex Disney Insulated Spout Cups. She also found some pink Mickey Mouse ones. These are ringing up at only $.49. Seriously…don’t you LOVE Target clearance?

Keep in mind that once the Easter clearance is gone from your store this item will probably start ringing up “item not found” and will probably no longer be able to be sold. You may also want to check for the Lip Smackers too.

Thanks Nicky!

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  1. Ugh! I was looking specifically for those the day after Easter- I wanted them so much! Even looked in the regular sippy aisle, but none to be found. GRRRRR . . .

  2. They also have a Pink Minnie&Daisy and a Blue Mickey&Pluto sippy cups that are also ringing up $.49 AND a fisher price infant (3-18 months) toy for . $49!!

  3. What toy is it. I found the mickey bibs and the mickey rattle. They also have chicco rattles for. 49. I also found a goodnight moon bunny I think it makes noise for.49 . The cashier asked me if I have ever been to Disney I sad no. She told me a mickey bib like that on would cost 20 dollars.

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