Target: School Supplies are In!

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school supplies

School supplies are now in-stock at Target – even if you aren’t ready for them! There are so many cute supplies. If you are like me and have a weakness for school supplies you may want to stay away from this section. Here is a look at what you may find:

school supplies 1

So many cute lunch boxes! I let me kids pick up a new lunch box every year even if their previous one can still be used. I think it’s just part of the fun of heading back to school

school supplies food

There are lots of cute Camelbak water bottles and I love, love, love the Goodbyn lunch boxes.

school supplies pencil pouches

There are some really cute pencil pouches! That little monster makes me smile. It’s nice that there are fun ones for the boys.

school supplies 4

I kind of sort of need those scissors – they are just too cute and cheery! I could cut out my coupons in style!

school supplies 2

I have dreams of getting organized, and I think these pretty little binders would do the trick.

school supplies jump drive

Oh my goodness, even the jump drives are cute!

So, who likes shopping for school supplies more, you or your kids?

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  1. LOVE the monster pouch. I know both my boys would want that. I also really like the sectioned food boxes they have! My Target was only just starting to set up the school stuff this morning!

  2. I LOVE school supplies. If I could afford to fill a backpack everyday from now until the first day of school (the 21st of Aug), for kids who need them, I would. Just for the fun of picking out school supplies.

  3. I <3 school supplies BUT most of little one's supplies are "group" supplies. I can make get her a super cute backpack though 🙂

    1. I know, aren’t they the cutest! Think of all the fun lunches you could make with all the little compartments.

  4. I *love* school supplies! My son is starting school this year and I was excited to have a reason to bul browse all that fun stuff… but then his school said he doesn’t need any! How could that be?! I need some!

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